Like a DT with no faults. The ONLY tips that give me a good seal with comfort are these black double flange tips my friend gave me. I like some sweetness to my headphones. Click here to see Currawong’s full review The P series only provide a tiny bit more isolation. However, I would not use those exceptions for reviewing purposes. If you want clear language and great presentation, Lachlan.

He specializes in reviewing audio products, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and recording gear. While the cable is strong, is relatively resistant to touch noise, and is comfortable, the ear-guide is a bloody pain. Man this was good reading too! Reply June 19, Daniel Banach. Cons – Bulkiness but then there are 12 BA drivers per side , Cost but then if they are the best. Thanks for the update. If you wear specs, it will pinch below one glasses arm or another. Ditto percussion, especially tom-tom drums and snares.

Well here I am updating this on June 12th with no further response and no replacement after confirming by email that he would send me a replacement on May 19th. Do you already have an account? How is there room in these earphones for 24 drivers?

JH Audio Roxanne

Jerry Harvey, who founded Ultimate Ears eventually purchased by Logitech and then went on to found JH Audio, has been crafting excellent custom-molded in-canal earphones and stage monitors for nearly twenty years. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, sirem The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the earphones deliver powerful, thumping bass response that at top extremely unsafe volume levels doesn’t distort in the slightest.

I really appreciate your reviews. March 27th, Last updated: Bass detail is second only to midrange detail.

Most Popular Tags akg-kstudio-headphones audio-technica-ath-ad audio-technica-ath-mstudio-monitor-headphones audio-technica-ath-m50s beyerdynamic-dtproclosed-studio-headphones beyerdynamic-dtstereo-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpremium-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpro-headphones denon-ahdhigh-performance-over-ear-headphones fiio-e11 fiio-e17 fiio-e7-usb-dac-and-portable-headphone-amplifier headphones hifiman-he in-ear over-ear sennheiser sennheiser-hdii-professional-headphone sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hdheadphones shure-srh ultrasone-hfi While a bit unwieldy, it is probably the surest connection currently out there.


The Sound Roxanne is a sensitive earphone.

Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM

Each channel has four low, four mid, and four high frequency auduo with an integrated three-way crossover system. Nathan Back before he became the main photographer for reviw of audio magazines and stuff, Nathan was fiddling with pretty cool audio gear all day long at TouchMyApps.

What I’m wondering is if the earlier sets of Roxanne universals were just really poorly made I preordered them mid Jan I’m going to leave the rating up and add a huge disclaimer.

Headphones JH Audio Rrview The impressive JH Audio Roxanne in-ear monitors deliver pristine audio—with adjustable bass—through a custom-molded design with 12 drivers in each ear. These were taken before I ever put them in my ears. The clarity in the high-mids and highs through the Roxanne is astounding, auido the bass response is treated with respect.

Basically the mids were muffled and sounded off. Julie Glick of Musicians Hearing Solutions. Part of the customization process for JH Audio products is the ability to choose from various colors and designs.

Jerry Harvey Roxanne Review

You really should demo them before making a decision in purchasing them. The following review is based mostly on the original pair I owned which may not be representative of the quality of the product you would be receiving now.

New to JHA and the earphone world is the 4-pole connector and screw drive lock mechanism. Table of contents 1.

On the other end of the earphones, the braided cable from Moon Audio connects with the earpieces via nh connections and machined aluminum locking collars—in other words, the cable won’t come loose accidentally.


To me, the only advantages of custom made IEMs are that they fit your ears perfectly, are very comfortable and very unlikely that they would come off during a live performance, which they are primirarily designed for. Reply May 27, ohm image. This is nitpicking, of course, but it would be nice to have set, equal ear-to-ear levels for the lows. Did yours come with defects? If there’s one gripe about the default cable the earphones ship with, it’s the connection.

If you want meticulous comparison, Jokerl.

JH Audio Roxanne – Review – PCMag Australia

They’re like the SE in that respect but not as good as the IE, which are super easy to pop in and out. Reply November 18, Joshua Chew.

If you really want to know authority, I suggest Tyll Hertsens. I would appreciate any help you can give.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Roxannes are universal, correct? I have the HMs and Jjh Spaciousness is something I do appreciate though. The Shure SE connectors in comparison look much more rugged, but then the SE connections are much more simple, only 2 contacts per channel, whereas the AKR03 have 4 per channel.

There’s a small drawstring pouch for easy quick storage, as well as an earwax cleaning tool gross, but necessary—the earpieces will need to be kept clean to function and fit properlyand a small screwdriver for adjusting the bass response on the inline cable.

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