Sapphie tried to calm the feline Jewelpet down but got ignored as she decided to do everything by herself. She was very nice and also motherly, and Yuku considered her a mother. Saturday, January 12 9. Nobara and Marie were spying on them, and also planning something to get their own Magic Gem. As she introduced themselves to Charlotte, the four must find a way to get the gem back to the cafe without Ruby and her friends noticing them. The girls all decided to search for the Pretty Jewelpet, but Taira was kinda reminded about something due to Yuku’s story as he left the cafe. She is now begging Ruby and the others to search for the doll as they all agreed, with Sapphie needed to stay behind to watch over their booth. In a meanwhile, Chiari and Ruby are both bummed out in the dormitory while admiring the new souvenirs they got.

Later on, Kaiya hosted a beauty lesson for the girls while challenging Nene. Chiari is all excited today as she, Nene and Ruruka are looking forward for the Christmas Party being held in the Jewelpet Cafe. On the other hand, Labra and Rossa looked at the ice sculpture that looks like Yuke and he told them it is his childhood friend. Ruby detached one of Sakuran’s ears and gave it to Chiari, as Sakuran explained she can regenerate her ears due to being made of sweets. Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. Back at the Jewelpet Cafe, business is usual serving the customers as Marie, Mutsumi and Nobara were discussing about the scary Red-Eyed dragon she saw.

Ruby tasted it and she is impressed, but Sapphie stated she won’t hand over the cafe to her. Jeweopet also learned about Takumi’s weakness towards fluffy things suspecting that it’s the cause of his downfall for the upcoming competition as he left.

It however blew him away alongside Chiari and Ruby, who were passing by until they got caught by the sumo wrestlers. He was surprised that it knew Coal so well as he’s even more amazed.

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As they tried to buy it back, the jewelpeg were surprised to see that the academy is been sold to Lapis. Nene replied to Labra with a message using Ruruka’s Jewel Pod until they all encountered Rin and transformed into a mini-Ruruka using her magic and took off. Later on, the trio were watching Asano playing his game again as one of the high schoolers told Chiari about Asano is part of the quartet of heartthrobs in the Academy. Broly Monday, February 25 3.


Chiari decided to talk to Sanada and hands out the flyer to him, as he accepts and left with the group. Garnet arrived with a bouquet of roses as she is happy that she bought a lot of stuff, knowing that being chosen as the new manager is getting on her ego. However both of Ruby and Chiari’s ice slipping making Tata mad and accidentally destroyed the ice cave as they all left the area to chase down Tata.

The second lesson begins, involving on how to walk gracefully as the girls were having a hard time and Kaiya made it easy. But it backfired as nothing happened however Ruby and the pets noticed that the Humans lost some of their memories, the memories that they knew the existence of both Jewelpets and Sweetspets. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all getting worried on how will the pets keep up.

They were then got a visit from Charlotte, a bumblebee Jewelpet who guards the campus at night who checks on the girls before she left. How will Garnet find her friend match?

However, Marie, Nobara and Mutsumi overheard them tried to use this chance to get her own magic gem. The humans were amazed to see an Alicorn before as they talked about Master’s special coffee blend he’s serving. Jedelpet girls were amazed especially on the roll cake with Master’s picture printed on it.

The magic burst then landed somewhere in the part and into a doll where its eyes ominously glow red. Ruby asked him if he’s searching on a human partner for his own Magic Gem, but generally refuses due to his desire to work alone.

Rossa herself is peeking in the windows and wonders on one idiom as she is secretly being watched. Later on, the pets were with Prase as they decide what role they will act, with Garnet herself dreaming to be on stage. A while later, she met up with the guy who proposed her to work in the new cafe and she questioned him on why the jewslpet cafe is taking away her customers.


Labra chose Ruruka to happoness her friend, in which she disagrees, harshly told her not to. At the Girl’s Dormitory, they then encountered Sango, who is doing her year-end cleaning in the windows.

As Garnet opens the letter and read what’s inside, she’s shocked while the others were too. Ruby and the others knew about her as they bragged that they get it from their friendship with Chiari and the others, making her rather jealous.

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Nene told them not to as they tripped but then they saw a statue of a Jewelpet in the garden. Ruruka calmed Labra down and agrees to be her friend as the two will develop some strange relationships. The other teams were all busy as well during practice as jeweopet competition is looming in while Sachi is still having a hard time catching up as the girls showed up and cheer for her, flattering her.

Now Peridot decides to read Chiari’s fortune for really, but changed her mind as they’re closed for today. A mysterious man in a limousine arrived in front of the Jewelpet Cafe and noticed its potential, or his motive. Kohaku explained the reason why he wanted to be a man is that he can impress a girl that saved him from getting stuck in the ice cream cone he ate. Mewelpet while later, Luna met up with both Nobara and Marie and gave her an offer to help her deliver the letters, not knowing to Luna about Marie’s plan.

Jewelpet Happiness Episode 36

As they discussed, a Beagle Jewelpet name Yuku appeared as Ruby greeted him. Mouri looked at the time as he said to the others he had other things to do while the others are confused, and told him to meet them in the Cafe.

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