New members are called trainees who are understudies for the group, in addition to their performances with the group, members are promoted by the Japanese mass media. On October 4,, the name Blu-ray Disc Founders was officially changed to the Blu-ray Disc Association, the Blu-ray Disc physical specifications were completed in 5. The opening is composed with lyrics by Takafumi Iwasaki and the ending is composed by Yuriko Mori with lyrics from Noriyuki Asakura. Miria won and Angelina and her became friends. Sparkling Phantom A. Later on, she found Alma, Opal and Diana and had a little talk, saying that sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye but she needs to accept it, as she left Alma, Akari found Ruby in the field of the One Thousand and One Night Flowers and apologized as the flowers bloomed.

A second short OVA is announced to be released in At first, Akari can’t understand her due to her Jewel Land Language, but Ruby eats a special candy so she can speak and understand human language. It is the third most traded currency in the exchange market after the United States dollar. Marianne, Catherine and Angelina introduce themselves to the girls and though they quite annoy Sara and Miria, Akari is enchanted by how many Jewelstones they have and invites them for tea. The story in the fourth series is meant to be softer than the previous 3, but has a high gag value like Sunshine. During the series’s pitching, the concept of the anime involves 5 individuals got sent to Jewel Land and were appointed to search for the Deco Stones all across Jewel Land alongside the Legendary Jewelpet. The Animation- No One is Alone

Once they arrive they are overpowered by Alma and are frozen in place. Also, the plot is also influenced from Twinkle’s magical concepts to Sunshine’s gag stories.

Though successful in saying goodbye to Yuuma, Akari still can’t get the Rangula spell right and after being scolded the school bells suddenly break and the headmaster informs them that not even he can fix the bells. She got embarrassed as Alma asked her what’s wrong as she left, but got interrupted by one of the students offering Alma to join the Archery club.

Dailymotion 8 years ago. With all the Jewelpets on the starting line they find out that all the previous matches didn’t matter and whoever wins this match will win the game and with that the Jewelpets eipsode off. Akari manages to get the first orb in with a ribbon and Miria gets the second orb in with a ginormous Garnet and some carrots jewek distract Ruby, for the last orb they both have the same idea and summon up spirits to try to get the orb into the slot.


Development of Jewelpet Pwt began in late during the first series’s airing. During the development, the company decided to change the schedule of the anime from Sunday to Saturday, but retained the airtime and also switched stations from TV Osaka to TV Tokyo.

Miria discovers that he was hurt when protecting her before. Though it is soon forgotten by the discovery of Leon and are quite shocked to hear that he attends this academy and they try to get him to switch schools or at least attend their party but he declines making them even angrier especially when they see Akari fall into his arms after tripping, they then challenge the girls to a match in which whoever makes the better wedding dress wins and Leon is to be the judge. An overabundance of games in led to the game crash.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 31. L’histoire de Sara

On the last day of the convention, the booths and Cosplay Jeael close an hour earlier. Dailymotion 6 years ago. The bell is rung times on 31st and once past midnight and it is also very common to eat buckwheat noodles called toshikoshi soba on the New Years Eve.

The rest of the gang arrives and try to wpisode Alma but she leaves and Akari follows her and just as Alma was about to send her away to a place where she’ll never be found she stops and flees.

Jewelpet (TV series) – Wikipedia

Welcome Visitors from the Magical Kingdom! They both found Laiya and Jill and surprisingly, Ruby recognized the both of them before she cast a spell trapping Akari and Sara into a void along with Ruby, Labra and Sapphie, they then got free from the void and rushed to the stadium, finding out that the battle has already started.

Miria is all excited eepisode entering that same contest her that made her mom famous and is set on winning first place especially because she promised to come. A major attraction is The Watched Night bell, in Tokyo, Japanese believe that the ringing of bells can rid their sins during the previous year.

Dailymotion 4 years ago. Dual-Matrix Blue Gender: The DVD releases also omit the licensed songs used in the series due to licensing issues with other companies. As the series progresses, the two learned more about being together as partners and the mysteries surrounding the Twins: Ruby, now being punished, is sent to Earth to retrieve her friends, on Earth, a student named Rinko Kougyoku along with her friend Minami saw a group of shooting stars, not knowing that the pets were scattered in the city they live in.


Thought her friends Garnet and Sapphie sometimes thinks that she’s strange in some points. Akari holds Alma in her arms and explains to her that she’s not alone and she allows battest to possess her instead freeing Alma, Yuuma, and Labra.

Now they have to work in the same room. Laiya, with her cover blown, revealed herself as Alma, who miraculously survived during the Sealing of the Battest along with Diana, but what exactly are Alma’s true intentions?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Miria then found out that no one came, she angrily said that she gave up her dream, Garnet and Sango suddenly fainted, later they found out that when the partner of the Jewelpet lose their dreams their partner will suffer.

My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! After talking to her sister for a bit she discovers it was just a misunderstanding and her sister isn’t nearly as perfect as she thought she was.

Due to the popularity of the event, the official Comic Market website advises first-time attendees to arrive in the afternoon to avoid having to wait in line. When all of those items were used Akari and her friends had to run away from a monster until Labra and Peridot came and stop it, curing her hiccups; in the end, Labra won the all year free ice cream at the strawberry cafe.

While she is trying to take back her dreams, Akari realizes that all dreams are important, big or small, and successfully takes back her dreams, earning her first jewel stone, much to the surprise of Leon and Miria. Jewel Land is described itself a world where all magicians and Jewelpets live, with the Pets attending the Magic Academy to study magic, each location in Jewel Land however differs between each series, creating different canonical universes.

However, is this enough for her to know who she really is and to find her own place? Yuma and Alma and the connection to the forbidden item, the Battest. Judy is exactly like Akari in many ways they quickly become friends but Akari is constantly thrown into different times and each time Judy has gotten a lot better at her job and a little more confident about herself, she later informs Akari that she’s decided to go for the Jewelstar because she has learned that not everyone is good at first.

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