Every time I turned the page, I thought–is the author really going to go there? As this Most of the time I was dying for this twisted book to end, and the other parts were when I was eerily fascinated by the utter creepiness that was going on in the last half of the book They also realise that one does not have the strength to give up more meaningful things so they decide to choose on behalf of each other and they start to demand more in a horrifying crescendo: How would you describe this book in few sentence? The plot sounds kind of like Calvino’s Baron in the Trees , another tale about a boy in a tree that annoys people just by his being in the tree. A Beatles fan and avid guitar player sacrifices a finger on his hand.

This one has absolutely nothing, as the title implies. Furthermore, it was thought that her work Intet , which was initially banned, revolutionized the novel for youth, and became a worldwide success. View all 5 comments. What begins as a premise with so much potential ends as a book full of nothing, or worse, an appalling disregard for the humanity of teenagers and a deeply cynical and pathological view of life. Retrieved 20 August It’s another one of these YA books that surprises me with its edginess jeez I hate that term, but I’m getting sick with myself for all the putting words in quotes that is going on in his review, this one should have quotes around it too, but now I can have my ironic cake and eat it too , and for the quality of the book.

An example, describing a friend’s blue hair: Not only that, b “You’ll find out you’re a clown in a trivial circus where everyone tries to convince each other how vital it is to have a certain look one year and another the next. Fipm so confused, any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Every time I turned the page, I thought–is the author really going to go there?


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Better, the author seems to argue, not to “mess with” the meaning, to keep it private and close to your heart. Se notan cambios durante el libro, cambios que son buenos como malos.

I understand that this novel is primarily intended to provoke philosophical thinking, but I believe it would have been far more effective if we were allowed to warm to someone in the novel and develop an emotional connection with them – something I personally feel was lacking. No puedo porque en realidad siento que mis filn no van a poder describir este libro.

It all starts when Pierre Anthon stands up in the classroom one day and declares “Nothing matters.

Jjanne other students were horrifying as well. They are not isolated on some remote island. It was awkward, and broken. All of a sudden I was scared.

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. But this is a translation.

Nothing is about a group of 7th grade kids, trying to prove that there is meaning in life. Si reincontreranno, certo, ma sempre per caso e con un certo malessere, facendo di tutto per ridurre al minimo il contatto o fingendo di non essersi visti, di dover cambiare strada. Jul 15, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: But he does spend it with, say I use this word? I was completely irked by this.

Want to Read saving…. And there was another thing I didn’t like.

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Where are his parents? I understand this is a translation from Danish — maybe this sort of writing sounds better in the original language? But because of all that, I felt the development of the story and the amplification of the tension to be extremely contrived, and felt as though the events were being manipulated to fit the philosophical premise.


There are no consequences for the crimes yes, they are crimes committed by the kids.

It didn’t flow right, and it pissed me off. One 7th grader decides nothing is worth it and climbs a tree. These are all “meanings” for life.

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The description of the boy in the plum tree yelling philosophy at his classmates has me expecting something a bit more serio-comic. I am supposed to suspend disbelief and accept the premise that this kid just sits up on this tree day after day after day and no one does anything janje where are his parents?

It demands that you step outside of your normal mode of thinking and ask yourself questions: Nothing 2 6 Aug 21, I quoted Forrest Gump in my intro to this review. Voi non ce ne avete insegnato nessuno. So nothing is worth doing. I find the entire story to be the most insulting diatribe against youth.

But in the end, that morbid fascination was all I got out of it. A young boy decides that nothing means anything, so he decides to spend his days in a tree zemmi what are, in translation, irritating slogans about how nothing means anything. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. La coetanea Agnes racconta il piano organizzato dai compagni di classe per convincere Anton che ha torto:

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