The King cuts the meal short and leaves to meet them. I hope Lee Soon wises up quickly that his enemies are both outside and inside the Palace walls, and starts to be even more tactical and proactive when it comes to protecting Ok Jung and shaving power from the Soron faction. They were both slaves and then became secondary wife to the king which makes them important but not important enough to be written about. That also means she has taken her under her wing and will teach her the right etiqutte as Queen. I would have liked to see them secretly meeting in a garden or something like that! This drama is interesting so far, but I wish the writer continue to write creative, exciting story.

OTP owns my heart for now. IH may seem like a passive character, but think back to what her goals are. He asks his mother to understand how much rage he has in him and how much more he has to endure of the things she did. While this sounds way over the top, at the same time, I can see s situation like this, wife, concubine, in laws, all turning into a right royal mess. The camera work in the first 10 episodes was actually really good. Anyways, I still love love love the show!! Ja Kyung is so scared she slips and falls into the washing pond.

Ok Jung says that before In Hyun comes to confront her, she should learn what lengths her dad went to in order to make In Hyun the Queen.

Jang Hyun goes back to his residence and throws a monster temper tantrum. This story line epiosde so goddam smart. Prince Dongpyung has my full sympathy. I personally think the show would have benefited had they kept ok jang outside the palace for some more episodes, and introduce chi soo orabeoni. Your email address will not be published. It scared the you know what out of me. Ok Jung notices that In Hyun is only using peonies and asks why? Lee Soon is relieved and ecstatic to see her while Ok Jung cries happy tears to see him.


Ok Jung knows they want to get rid of her because she presents the hope of the Noron faction jungg return to power. Sageuk traditions be damned.

Hee Jae has grander dreams that Ok Jung will continue to rise through the ranks, and epiaode summon him into the Palace soon to assist her. You are the one who brought it up lol! Besides, does In Hyun really expect to win his affection when she basically forced herself into his life??!!! I were in the queen shoes.

Then OJ can design all clothes for the ladies to wear for the banquet, including the queens. Lee Soon notices her and ends the meeting to quickly run after her. Chi soo should have been introduced when ok jang was kicked out of the palace.

Lee Soon goes to the archery field with Prince Dongpyung, who has heard about all the uproar at Court with the recent personnel changes. This is a historical FICTION which focusing on famous historical figures of the popular personalities that have been featured into a new vision.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 12 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She explains her motivation was her eplsode reason- she could not see the royal blood tainted by such filth as Ok Jung. As a secular psychological concept, greed is, similarly, an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. Ok Jung tells the Queen she will be out of the way that night; she is planning a visit to see her Mother.

God help IH, hehehe. If you read history books, she ended up deposing Queen Inhyun from the seat of the queen, but she died because she killed Queen Inhyun.

Court Lady Joo is carrying a vase of flowers and rushing somewhere when suddenly Ok Jung steps directly into her path and cuts her off repeatedly.

Thanks for the fast recap Ms K, I have the exact same worry…. Apparently Ok Jung has been subjected to so many failed plots that she has learned to streamline- she enacts the plot herself and ends up with the same result more power and more love.


The dramas is moving so fast and the preview shows Lee Soon marrying In Kyung while Ok Jung discovers that she is too weak to combat the forces keeping her mother and her down and she will choose to enter the Palace as a serving maid.

She became determined to gain the seat because that was one of the things her mother wished her to achieve.

Ok Jung reveals that she thought the young master purposely missed their date because of her lowly background.

The thing is no one has proof of her being a horrible person as Dong Yi being a good person. Everything fits together and is glued by excellent story and pacing.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 12 Recap

If this story is gonna stay true epsode the historical facts, then this is JOJ and SJ based koalasplaygrround the written history. Sigh, come on show, bring the old Lee Soon back. Lee Soon asks that Consort Jang come along as well. He thanks Prince Dongpyung for doing what he can to protect her.

I mentioned that as well in the previous recaps. Ok Jung says the court lady is a member of the Palace but Ok Jung personally serves the King, and an insult to her mother is something she cannot endure. But I just remember ep. She doesnt love lee soon just the her title as queen. KTH kudos for doing her best when the show has gone crazy and why is the king acting like a lovesick teenager.

Queen In Hyun arrives to check on Dowager Queen Kim and the two woman hold hands to reassure each other.

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