Views Read Edit View history. The Religio-political Factions in Early Islam. Kufi Woman unknown episodes. Modern historians’ views range from regarding him as a sincere revolutionary to an ambitious opportunist. Ebn Ziad 28 episodes. Shirin unknown episodes. This idea became influential afterwards, particularly in Shia Islam , where it became one of its central tenets. Hannaneh unknown episodes Ahu Kheradmand

After eliminating his opposition, Mukhtar enacted punitive measures against those involved in the battle of Karbala. In other projects Wikiquote. Part of a series on Shia Islam. Rashidun Caliphate Umayyad Caliphate. He had invented it to increase his support among more religious people and compared it to the Ark of the Covenant , [30] [31] but Julius Wellhausen holds he was not the originator of the concept. Having lost their commander, the Kufans retreated in the face of another Umayyad army. Translated by Abu Khaliyl.

Ja’adeh unknown episodes. Ibn Wars indeed refused and was killed along with most of his men. Mukhtar ibn Abi Ubayd al-Thaqafi. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat Mukhtar is imprisoned to prevent the riot.

He allowed them to carry the chair, as he needed their zeal. Ebne Ash’as unknown episodes. Ibn Muti went into hiding and later, with help from Mukhtar, escaped to Basra. Therefore, I took over this region and became like one of them, except that I sought to avenge the blood of the Prophet’s family, while the other Arabs neglected the matter.


As with Maqtal-namas narrating the story of Karbala, various Mukhtar-namas elaborating on the life and movement of Mukhtar, were written during the Safavid era. In 66 AHMukhtar feigned an offer of military support to Ibn al-Zubayr against an impending Umayyad attack on Medina with the ultimate intention of ousting the caliph.

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Narieh Mokhtar’s Wife 28 episodes. Born in Ta’ifMukhtar moved to Iraq at a young age and grew up in Kufa. At first, he attempted to reconcile their differences and appease both.

Mukhtar helps Ibn Zubayr’s brother, Mus’ab, defeat an Umayyad assault; but no alliance is mpvie. That evening, after ordering the execution of all the Syrian captives, Ibn Anas died from an illness.

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Mukhtar and his followers planned to overthrow the governor and seize control of Kufa on Thursday, 19 October 14 Rabi al-Awwal 66 AH. Doubting the authenticity of Mukhtar’s claims, some Alid partisans from Kufa went to Ibn al-Hanafiyyah to inquire. He mu,htar most of them, including Umar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr ibn Ziljawshan.

Ibn al-Hanafiyyah responded that he neither approved nor disapproved of such an action, but bloodshed mukhttar be avoided. After his release Mukhtar resumed his revolutionary activities. Husayn’s grandson Muhammad al-Baqir praised him: Kufi Woman unknown episodes Hasan Mirbagheri Warrior 8 episodes Behnaz Jafari Part of a series on Mukhar Islam.


On the evening of 17 October Mukhtar’s men clashed with government forces. Ikhtiyar Ma’rifat al-Rijal in Arabic. Omar ebn Saad 28 episodes. Three days after its departure from Kufa, Ibn al-Ashtar’s army returned and defeated the revolt.

Some time later, Abdullah ibn Umar interceded for Mukhtar, who promised to refrain from anti-government activity and was released. Translated by Weir, Margaret G. Views Read Edit View history.

Kian Irani 28 episodes. Nonetheless, a few years before his death, Muawiyah nominated his son Yazidangering Alid partisans. After the death of Ibn al-Hanafiyyah, some Kaysanites believed that he had not died but was hidden in Mount Radwa and would return some day to rid the world of injustice.

A History of the Muslim World to Translated by Kadhim, Abbas. Kufi Woman unknown episodes.

In other projects Wikiquote. Ja’adeh unknown episodes Elham Hamidi Many people hold Mukhtar a liar who claimed prophethood and consider him an enemy of the Alids, who used their name to gain power, and executed Husayn’s killers to consolidate his support among pro-Alids.

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