Some commentators have accused “Mesrine” of ripping off American gangster films. Kind of like a Gallic Goodfellas, Mesrine is based on a real gangster and similarly spans decades of his life. Audible Download Audio Books. Mesrine is a shocking figure but also a man with an immense amount of charisma. We get to know the leading roles as they live their pretty extraordinary lives. Jacques is now a celebrity, admired by the press, but demonised by the authorities. He comes under the wing of a local crime boss Depardieu.

Even though I do not have any problems with standard splatter movies. Myriam Boyer as Mesrine’s Mother. War has taught him to torture and murder. I’m all down for dark films — as a matter of fact, I embrace it. This film, as well as part 2, are based on his own writings while he was incarcerated. On certain occasions, tension’s boiling at an all-time high, and on other occasions, it becomes dreadfully dull, making me question why I wanted to watch the movie in the first place.

Nevertheless, this first half of the story presents what sums up to a nearly simplified concentration on the proceedings present in most gangster stories.

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Streeaming the one in which three guys take a night-time ride cracking wise, until the atmosphere delicately veers and one recognizes he’s about to die. Hailed by some as a kind of Robin Hood figure the film never judges either way and gives you enough information for you to make up your own mind but of course with a figure so complex it’s hard when the lines blur.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. He deals with an impressive amount of material and this is just Part One and handles it so that even the merely explicative bits feel tense and exciting. Mesrine pronounced “may-reen,” not “mes-reen,” as he later insists to cops and journalists is fighting a war with the rich that may be a war with his own origins.

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Or, of course, a relentlessly tense and truly audacious jailbreak. Is he trying to say something about the increasing presence of big brother in western countries the patriot act in the US, cameras everywhere in the UK or the french debate about listings of people etc Throughout the film we see Mesrine struggle with trying to keep his family together, and when he becomes unemployed, we see the destructive rage and violence he can enact on his loved ones.


For the fans of Ludivine Sagnier.

It is given particular coherence and focus by the vivid Canadian sequences and the prison escape. As such, Richet has wisely avoided making any real ethical judgements of Mesrine’s character, focusing instead on the sex, violence and publicity that he thrived upon. In the end, this movie about an extreme and charismatic character is way more than an excellent gangster movie with some social criticism but a gripping two hours of history class.

That made him a wild beast. As you can see, the movie contains many different elements and details that make it a very diversified, intense and still entertaining gangster movie which happens to be one of the best of its kind.

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Like I said its a very good looking film but is a little bit hollow to be considered a great film. Mesrine is an accomplished Crime film that is only rivaled by Martin Scorsese’s finest genre films.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Mentored by Guidothe handsome and charming Mesrine soon works his way up the criminal ladder, and flees to Canada with his lover Jeanne having pulled off an audacious heist.

Overall though the film is a thrill ride from start to finish and can hold its own with any of the great gangster epics. A smile that did not reach these eyes. It captures the rush of crime as a way of life for a man who did and took whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, simply because he could take it. Threatening his beautiful wife in a most despicable way.

I wait for the second episode: It too is neither a feature nor a mini-series, but a vanity project, a labor of love devoted to an ambiguous hero that’s hard to market and unsuited to normal theatrical distribution mmesrine. After a nearly unwatchable opening sequence; the movie starts in earnest with the torture and murder of algerian rebels who, fighting jaxk independence in their own country, get tied by chains to ceilings and then are shot by the protagonist.

He’s all style and brash confidence, as endearing a wiseguy as any of Scorcese’s characters. He is described as an anti hero for the French but all I witnessed was him beating his wife in front of his kids, killing jafk, threatening innocent people in the banks.


It is an engrossing opening, which is sadly never followed upon throughout the following duration of the film. Kind of like a Gallic Goodfellas, Mesrine is based on a real gangster and similarly spans decades of his life. We see in graphic detail how brutal and ruthless Mesrine was and had to be to survive and rise up this world. Denied immigration status in Canada and told to leave the country, Mesrine and Jeanne hide by becoming housekeeper and butler for a wealthy disabled man, but clashes with other staff lead them to lock him up and extort money from his son.

Killer Instinct” matches every stereotype mentioned but considerably fails to immerse audience members in its narrative and characters. Vincent Cassel is charming, charismatic, and loyal to his accomplices as he is ruthless and violent, a complex and magnetic figure who keeps changing from one sequence to another.

This has been mesrien number one griping issue with many of the French films that I’ve seen. Dec 6, Rating: An error has occured. Cassel, who took the best actor award at France’s equivalent of the Oscars for this role, is compulsively watchable.

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Like most other biopics, the film opens with the protagonist’s death, and what a spectacular demise that is: The film ends with the two killing two forest rangers and a promise of the rest of the Mesrine story in “Public Enemy No. Direction got increasingly bad, the narrative holds no grounds other then pzrtie recorded on a timeline, and the film gives no effort to immerse movie goers.

So not as good as I think it might have been but good enough that I will make sure to see the second film. That explains why Mesrine: Perhaps we don’t need anymore than this, but evenso, it just makes the film seem choppy and sloppy when it messrine doesn’t have to be.

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