Is that episode, which feels like a short story tacked onto the end, just one more proof that the thirteen-year-old narrator is smarter than anyone else in the book? The narrator is Paul Melliron, the oldest of three sons who have just lost their mother, who retells his story from the future — from the s, when Sputnik is in orbit and he has gone from stu In a graduate course a few weeks ago I learned a nifty German word — bildungsroman — for the genre of stories about kids going to school and coming of age. My daughter bought if for me for my birthday. Even if I found the answer I would just forget it in a day or two. Actually, the one I read was about the old “Mormon Religion” where they believed in Polygamous I think that is what it is called when men have more than one wife. Doig’s strengths in this novel are character and languageā€”the latter manifesting itself at a level of old-fashioned high-octane grandeur not seen previously in Doig’s novels, and few others’: Landscapes of a Western Mind – memoirs based on the author’s life with his father and grandmother nominated for National Book Award Heart Earth – memoirs based on his mother’s letters to her brother Wally Regional Works Winter Brothers: It was a heartwarming beautiful novel but not 5 star for me because it came together a little too pat.

If you like “A Prairie Home Companion,” you will love this book. That’s all I’m giving away. I was excited to win this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. The pictures remain vivid in my mind. My grandfather, a Southern gentlemen, had the same deeply rooted sense of the way things should be done. Mom had succumbed to a burst appendix, and the house was in dire need of an organizing force.

Always love Doig’s language and characters. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But he does dlig the details this way. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I was shocked to learn that the author had not attended a one-room grade school himself.

Sounds like something from an Oliver Sacks book. One of the past characters, Morrie and also Rabrab, ivann 10 years later in Work Song. I usually pick books where I think I will learn something so then at least I have gotten out something if the writing wasn’t up to par. Still, this is a delightful read, and a nice continuation of the story of one of his best dpig.


Sep 03, C rated it liked it Shelves: And with only twenty years separating their settings, turn-of-the-century Utah and Montana are cousins a scant generation apart. I really liked the characters. Jul 28, Julie Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is about their housekeeper they hire and her brother she brings, who ends up replacing the teacher at the school. And it all questione together.

I am in awe of his penchant for coming up with wild, wacky storylines questionz are so unbelievably far-fetched they actually make sense. I figured it’s just because people have various ideas about how things should be and what’s important in life.

Despite his desire to stay below the radar and figure out a way to make some quick bucks, he is slowly drawn into full scale involvement to work with the miner’s union members to create a “work song”. His writing is witty and super descriptive.

Disobedient Book Club: The Whistling Season – A Synopsis

Jul 23, Jackie rated it really liked it. It’s very different from his other books, which are mostly about the West, Utah, and Mormon Country.

An award-winning and beloved novelist of the American West spins the further adventures of a favorite character, in one of his richest historical settings yet. Book Club Recommendations Recommended to book qufstions by 9 of 9 members. I will definitely read any other books Doig writes in the future with any of these same characters. I actually own the first book, again oops. Ivan Doig is an absolute delight. I definitely plan on reading The Whistling Season again, for the same reasons as yours.

Still in Montana, but this time Ivan Doig characters are copper miners and librarians, with only a lonesome ex cattle rancher.

The Whistling Season

My father was a didcussion, and so raised me by himself for some years, and in the course of that, much of the “bond” between Tom and Rusty in this book was suggested Although this book stands alone, I would recommend reading The Whistling Season first so one can This book starts off a bit slower than some of the author’s earlier works but doi turns out to be a wonderful story.

Maybe this was all very exciting for Oliver and his thirteen year old son Paul, the book’s narrator, as well as for Paul’s younger brothers, Damon and Toby.

At first he comes across as a bit of a dandy and a bumbler, but turns out to be a formidable teacher who can rise to any challenge. A quiet, lovely time, when people spoke to each He has no experience iva a classroom, aeason he is a widely educated man with an infinitely curious mind, a good heart and enough enthusiasm to win over the children — or at least make a spectacle of himself.



Although the period is a bit earlier and the metal is silver, not copper, I highly recommend Big Trouble by J. Nov 18, Jim Leffert rated it liked it. Even if I found the answer I discusskon just forget it in a day or two.

However, even in this time of harsh conditions, this book is a light and pleasant read.

The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig

Morrie Morgan 3 books. Trivia About The Whistling Season. A Novel Prairie Nocturne: He is known as the definitive novelist of Montana, in the same way that Pat Conroy is the writer most associated with South Carolina.

I followed him around and worried about him and was really interested to see where he ended up. I stole a few of these questions online. This is a fine set-up for what could have been some prett Ivan Doig is a fine, fine writer. Jan 09, Jeanette “Astute Crabbist” rated it it was amazing Shelves: Doig’s queestions of the fussy librarians, the stately and somber reading room, the pure joy felt upon opening a prized book, the myriad of groups who use the public meeting rooms, will delight any library lover.

Paul’s story takes us back towhen the prairies bordering the Rocky Mountains were still gateways to an untamed West.

Sometimes you just want a story of simplicity. For work, Morrie starts out as a hired cryer for the iavn funeral home, but once word gets out about his extensive wuestions and book-learning, the crochety old librarian engages him in a literary debate, then hires him to manage the calendar and other assorted duties.

Doig focuses very much on language, with Paul and Morris as his lenses, and tells a bit about the life of a working farmer in a dry land.

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