In Shantivan, Payal and Nani pick out a colour for a baby blanket before talk turns to a name. SHe says how did you come here. GonE with the wind. Shlok comes and scolds Astha why she didn’t tell him about Siddarth before. They are shocked and in tears. She asks Jyothi to tell how it is??.

Its the morning and Khushi finally regains consciousness and recallswhat happened the night before and wakes up startled andcalls for ASR but he doesnt come, she goes out and looks for him butcant find him anywhere. He picks her up and put her down on the hey, He is looking at her andshe looking at him,He slowly draws closer to her and Khushi closes her eyes and then sheturns away. He puts a parda up so she can change. I love this little daydream that bridges those moments. Raghav wiil be back on show nad der vl b kalpi raghavs marriage. Suhana is looking for kamla everywhere. Niranjan says that he will tell everything. Niranjan asks them to come inside, the family members too come there.

Suhana says I love myself.

Arnav surrenders to kidnappers

She tell them how dheraj compelled Mehta to give the stranger girl face of suhana. Kamla says that culprit is still at large, who killed Mehta.

She takesher scarf and starts to cleans ASR’s face. He has the grace to look momentarily nonplussed. Receiving no answer from her perplexed husband, Khushi decides to ask her Jija-ji.

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Kamla says there is something they all have been hiding. Are the laws in India really so horrible that he can do this?


ASR takes her hair back andlooks at her ASR notcies Khushi’s clothes are ripped and tells her there are someclothes in the hut and to change. Astha says, i know you got used to drink tea prepared by Siddarth but frankly tell me how this is.

SHe says how did you come here. Siddarth asks her mother to calm down but she can’t. Astha payar is modern, If i have thought earlier just like Astha then jpdate much couldn’t have happened.

Nani points out the importance of being independent. Jyothi says that she doen’t care about the society and says that she loves Jaam. Vitthal says take care of yourself and doctor Mehta.

The show made no sense at all since the writers started the revenge story line. Khushi counts to 10 and calls ASr’s name,he comes with a pot and it has some insect in it u;date Khushi looks happyseeing it, but then it flies away. No one came for her.

Khushi removes the parda and ASR looks at her in thewhite saree and seems mesmerized,Khushi keeps trying to fix the pallu, ASR just looks at her. You see, my wedding happened so quickly that I never had the chance … Business cards.

They also asks him to tell the reason why Jyothi want to divorce Abhay and all.

The gundas come in and ask where the girl is but ASR says she was leftbehind The gundas look around but they dont find khushi, ASR notices that palluis showing and it seems like gundas have noticed something as well,they say ASR is lying and continue looking, the main gunda takes ASRaway as they cant find Khushi.


I may be repeating this but could someone please tell me whatever happened to Raghav? He rests his head back on his chair, eyes closed in conflict.

He says that Jyothi is correct. Arnav is left standing there, probably wondering if he returned to the wrong house. They find a hut and hde in there,but Khushi brushes her bloodied hand against the wall. Abhay laughs and says to Niranjan that he has to bare this as he troubled him, Abhay disconnects the call. Eventually, the problem is revealed: She explains what she did all day – the shopping, the cooking, the deliveries – to which Anjali asks why Khushi needs to work.

Kamla starts showing her different bangles. She scolds them and says, why are you beating my Siddarth. She asks Jyothi to tell how it is??. Arnav gives his trademarked half-smile as Khushi casually claims rwitten as her husband, and then casually uses his shoulder for support as she hops down from the bed. Astha asks whether Siddarth is fine or not??

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