Arnav is amused to see Khushi excitedly making plans for Holi. Shashi informs the family that Khushi has gone to Nainital with Arnav. Later, Khushi is upset as she fails to buy any silver or gold on Dhanteras. Nani and Anjali plan a honeymoon for the newly married couples in the Raizada house. Khushi is stunned when Lavanya fires her. Video file is corrupt and is not playable. She and Nani are delighted to see Lavanya shout at her friends for making fun of Nani.

Later, Khushi forgets her script for the play and panics. He asks for Arnav’s sign on a legal document. Arnav rushes to the guesthouse when he is told that Khushi has not reached home. Later, she teaches Lavanya to make ginger tea and snacks. Payal, Khushi, Arnav, Anjali and Akash are all at the temple. Later, Shashi shares his apprehensions about Shyam with Garima. Arnav and Khushi stop at a dhaba.

Nani warns everybody against helping Lavanya with her tasks. This upsets Arnav and he threatens to leave the house. Arnav asks Khushi to leave the house. He learns about their poor financial condition, lyaar plans to help them. Arnav recalls his past with Khushi and gets disturbed.

Khushi cannot believe that Arnav is making her pay for the damage to his car.

Khushi Spurns Arnav’s Advances

Nani rejects the food prepared by Khushi. He goes to her room and sees her having her lunch. Meanwhile, Shyam deliberately falls sick to avoid meeting Khushi.


Arnav scolds Lavanya and Khushi, and makes it clear that he does not want to get married. Khushi warns Shyam to stay away. Meanwhile, Anjali feels dizzy and wants Khushi to go with Shyam to get medicines. But just as Arnav prepares to do so, Anjali faints.

Later, Khushi tries to avoid confrontation with Arnav. Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. Arnav goes to the party when he learns that Khushi has accompanied Lavanya to doo party.

Khushi, Payal and Buaji reach Delhi and are thrilled by the pace of the city. Everyone is shocked on seeing Arnav and Khushi as the newly-wed couple. However, Arnav surprises her. Her doubts are cleared as the situation reminds her of a similar incident from the past. Meanwhile, Lavanya and Manorama are disastrous in kitchen.

She imagines herself and Arnav as a couple. Nani finds Anjali’s necklace on Kyz neck.

Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. Video file is corrupt and is not playable. In retaliation, Khushi decides to learn the truth from Arnav. Meanwhile, Coon wedding is stopped. Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi.

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Later, she receives Diwali gifts from Anjali. Later, Shyam tries to steal Arnav’s locker key. Khushi learns that Arnav has cleared Shyam’s hospital bills. The whole office seems to be keeping track of the events that take place between Arnav and Khushi.


Meanwhile, Akash surprises Payal by sending her a gift which she had desired, and proposes to her. Arnav gets angry and cancels the dance competition.

When Shyam brings food for Khushi, she insults him.

Later, Madhumati is shocked to hear about the spoilt sweets. Later, Khushi disrupts Arnav’s meeting to serve him lunch, but Arnav pyawr the food and sends her home. Shashi on the other hand, is suspicious about Shyam and enquires about his whereabouts when he comes home. Lyaar gets emotional on seeing the memorable things packed by Khushi. She is worried about the dowry her fiance’s parents are demanding.

How will they handle the demand for dowry?

Manorama asks Lavanya to take Laxmi for a walk.

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