AnyHow Vote the programme. Dhaani says she is waiting for him in his room. I used to sometimes used to follow math, n swaragini. Viplav asks her to come and not joke. Hi gud afternoon guys how are you allll. Take care, love uuu.. Last updated Jan 11,

Viplav says as you are lying. Inspector says it is loaded. Sushma and everyone come inside the room and see Shambu lying unconsciously lying. Dhaani says it is a lie and asks him to believe her. Then started with ikrs.. Thanks Sara and many wishes to u also. Spoilers — 11th January

Dhaani tells Raj Lakshmi that they have to meet Tripurari and find out the truth, what did he tell to Suwarna and Viplav. She thinks should I go inside at this time and thinks to clear the misunderstanding of Viplav. Sonu 13th Jan – 4: Welcome, Login to your account.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th January 2016 Day Out With Dhani Cinetvmasti com

Tripurari acts and asks Suwarna to come. He says what a timing and asks her to be there, says he will come there. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav is doubtful about her, when he knows that Tripurari can do anything to come out.

The Episode starts with Tripurari apologizing to Suwarna for what he has done. Sonu 13th Jan – 3: Sarojini 12th January Written Episode Update. She says I will go to his house.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Tripurari puts blanket on his head and kills him by suffocating. Servant sees something may be Dasharath in an injured or death state and shouts calling Sushma.


Dulaari sees Viplav and asks what you are doing here? Kanak smirks and thinks you will not get turmeric milk, kaa death. Dhaani says she is 111th room. Shivkumar Bhaisare 13th Jan – 3: Sign in Recover your password. Saranya 13th Jan – 3: He asks her to drink it. Suwarna says they have come to thank her, and eoisode why she is treating Tripurari badly when he has changed.

Whereas, Dhani is gentle, uneducated, always under the protection of her mother, particularly insecure herself, can not even imagine she could be equal to plotting Kanak and Dasarath.

Dhaani says I love him very much and asks her not to fill her heart with this stuff. Ek anokhi kahani Episode Suwarna thanks Dhaani for getting Tripurari out of jail.

Suwarna asks then help Tripurari come out of jail. Tripurari asks if janusry liked it. Tripurari says he want to thank her for giving birth to this brave girl Dhaani.

Fatarajo 13th Jan – 2: Suwarna drinks it oblivious to his intentions and smiles. Dhaani says I am saying truth. Dasharath says what happened to my son. Hi fatarajo gud afternoon dear. Tripurari says we will start a new life from today and congratulate her.


Suwarna says I am happy as you have realized your mistake. Dhaani comes to Tripathi house in night and is wearing a black shawl. Sushma asks Viplav to spit the anger, talk to Dhaani and try to enquire about the matter. Take care, keep commenting.

Jamuary Lakshmi says lets go.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed – 15th January 2016 – इश्क का रंग सफ़ेद – Full Episode (HD)

Tripurari says I was teasing Dhaani and said that you are great. Fatarajo 13th Jan – 5: Stupid, bevakoof Jiljil sirf tumnae tumari haath se apna suhag ko chura diya. Shri 13th Jan – 3: Dhaani sees Shalu taking food plate to her room.

Dasharath says yes, and says it might be coming. Safsd asks him to wait and says she will come. Raj Lakshmi says I will think what to wear in your marriage. Dhaani says she is waiting for him in his room. Kanak asks what happened? I also watch ganga show then I came to know that ikrs and ganga are having similarities.

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