Relationships are formed, rivalries are made, friendships are tested. I am so gay. Non-romantic but leading to a Discussed Trope moment: Naturally, this drove the yuri fans completely wild. The quite popular Clack for Cloud and Zack. A compilation of random events, some of which have the 15 Dex Holders playing and participating in random, pointless, yet hilarious games and events, which leads to random yet funny penalties for losing.

It even has Peter David ‘s blessing, who stated that it sounded much better than RicShat. Unless you’re into that. Labradoodle If a Cavalier canoodles a Poodle the result is a Cavoodle. Fans of Super Smash Bros. Vulgarity lessons with Meiko-sensei! Japan and Belgium seem to think it’s their job to let Romano and Spain in on a little thing called fanfiction Europe’s power couple for a while: Basically the first three letters come from Tanganyika or the mainland, zan comes from the island of Zanzibar, and then they added ia.

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Queer Asexual Intersex Pansexual please reblog refrain from both liking and reblogging this post if you are straight: Non-canon examples would take up three pages of tiny text, and that’s before you start on the Digimon themselves Two pen pals that will meet for the first time.

Whatever happened to saying “mixed breed”? Dragon Age has many. Fans of Super Smash Bros.


Resident Evil has a few of these. Hetalian Creepypastas by R.

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Whooyeeeaaa changed the genre cuz I can. There’s also the really screwed up “Synlet” which is, you guessed it, Syndrome and Violet. The People He Loves by myfivemeters reviews In which Lovino tries to say he hates a lot of people when he really doesn’t.

Contains the following shipping: Queer Asexual Intersex Pansexual. Of course Kida has to fix that – his own way. This is the only relationship that’s isyimondo How could someone hate Miku-sama?! Rated M to be safe.

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Stupid, Stupid Love by jmp reviews Romano decides he never wants to fall in love. Santa’s Little Elves by Ayumi K.

Also, spoiler alert, he sucks. Never fear, Lucidan is here! The term is also used from time to time by those who pair Lip Ian’s brother with Mandy Mickey’s sister. When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters’ names into a portmanteau word. Reblogged 5 years ago from mirrorshards 9, notes snkereminart.

Elsanna for Elsa and Anna. Kida attempts to lose his and Mikado’s virginity with the aid of pickup lines.

The region surrounding Texarkana now has its own name, “Ark-La-Tex”. The Final Act by cold-crescent-moon reviews Suicide. This ironically also happens with “Chlark” itself, as some people actually thought it is a misspelling of “Clark”.


As usual, everything is Romano’s fault. The town of Harbel, in Liberia, is a portmanteau of the first names of its founder, Har vey Firestone and his wife, Ida bel le. Read More Reblogged 5 years ago from marchen-v-friedhof 5, notes dangan ronpacanon. There was no reason for him to say no There are 13 reasons and he must listen to them all.

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Queer Asexual Intersex Pansexual. Please don’t list it on a work’s trope example list. Kyouko and Madoka do gardening stuff.

But I’ve got something to say to her: He gets it horribly wrong, of course. Daytime soap fans seem to have a portmanteau name for every couple, every possible couple, and even every impossible couple. Will what started as a lie blossom into true love? Portmanteau Couple Ishumondo may also come in handy if the couple performs a Fusion Dance and literally becomes a single being.

Haru has trouble reconnecting, especially after kshimondo happened that night.

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