All this boils down to the fact that I like the show and want to see more of it. Sang Woo actor – this was the most complex character in the series, and it would have been the breakout role despite LBH, but he seemed a bit too cautious at times, not fully embracing his role. Thanks for the recap, Heads! I haven’t seen it since it came out so I didn’t remember the plot of the movie. But it really is true. Drama Korea High Kick 3. Oh Soo and Oh Soo are roomies. My husband who sometimes “dropped by” while I was watching once commented:

After I saw Kim Tae Woo, it was a done deal. Sa Woo is angry with him — he was not ordered to kill hostages. It’s how I actually felt watching him cry. I think it’s supposed to be 7. This show is just too purty. Will not watch IRIS again. This drama is to be released in the end of this year, but the staff and cast are trying to make it happen earlier! Your email address will not be published.

Drama korea what s up sub indo my secret, drama korea what s up sub indo goblin, drama korea what s up sub indo spiderman, drama korea what They were too big for someone like you.

Once alone, she calls someone and tells the person iriw she refuses to carry out the task. CSH said she would rather die with the fugitive HJ than return home alone the Hungary scene yet she left him the moment SW called her despite HJ telling her to dramwcrazy put. Honestly, was not expecting that. All the makjang elements are there.

Sang Hyun manages to intervene in time, and he tells Hyun Joon to put his gun down — living eramacrazy be a greater punishment for Baek San than dying. Most actors and actresses take a much more naturalistic approach – although sometimes that morphs into really not acting at all – but Jo In-Sung takes things full-out.

Lee Da Hae Main Cast. Please enter your username or email address. Page 1 Drzmacrazy 2 Next page. The overacting, or as I like to call it, the extra effort acting is all part of the experience.



He clearly unwinds by savoring excellent wine, but just before he can fully relax, he senses a presence behind him. Im becomes a killer to find her sister who goes missing during a mission. Episodes by odilettante. I have to say I’m impressed against my better judgement of how this show would be Are the writers on crack or are they just scatterbrained sadists?!!?!?!

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As he breaks into the building, he is seen by another guard. They stare at episoode other for a tense moment, and finally Vic gives him a smart-ass smirk.

It all happened so fast! His look shows that he has finally returned to his roots and what he naturally knows is best, which is to work alongside a friend.

Thank you soooo much for recapping! I’m looking forward to more of this show. About Me Janedinin View my complete profile. Okay, I’ve seen it all but this takes the cake! I didn’t like the movie Love me not but may be this PD will turn it around Jo In-Sung is not everyone’s cup of tea – he’s more of an old-fashioned actor, really. Yeah, I watched Love Me Not as a preparation for this and it’s really pleasantly surprising how fast the drama is moving.

They shoot all the security guards dead, close down the mall, and gather all hostages to one area.

The shots are wonderful and the actors are carrying the drama and theme very well You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I totally forgot how great an actor he is. Joong Won, who lost his brother, says, epieode are you going to take revenge on? She was very hungry-also a sign. Chul Young is notified of the situation and has CY Sidekick who is finally named!!!


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As well it should if he’s a decent guy. Hyun Joon is pointing a gun behind his head. SH February 14, at 9: Dont they offer that before they start a kdrama? Toystar February dramacrrazy, at 1: Just want an image album?

That day was September 11, ” revealing the death of her boyfriend. That’s one of my problem with padam2, shots unnecesary scene which have no purpose, the close up scene is too close and too often, the editing is abit awkward, though still deliver. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Stuff like being closer than blood brothers is just another vague emotion. Please let it not be true. Our Header Image Want to learn more about the images we’ve used and dramas they represent?

I complained to him to go get it from his office. Personal worries aside, the latest news on “Different Dream” provides more information of the premise and the main characters, We’re on the same wavelength I tell ya.

What exactly was Baek San’s reason episose frame Hyun Joon? He has been impressing people with his unique imagery and emotions so far but this time will take dramacrazyy the task of a spy action blockbuster drama, Despite his exhaustion, Lee Joon gave an autograph for those who waited for him including the extras in the movie, She’s also been getting action training everyday since October, I really ssub he was going to get to propose to Seung hee, but poor guy just never gets peace in his life huh?

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