Martin Orford sprinkles his magical keyboards everywhere and Peter Nicholls produces the best vocal performance of his life. Add the first question. First CD I’ve heard from them and it’s only inspired me to listen to more. If anyone needs an introduction to IQ then as was done to me I repeat to any other intereated party. Anybody ever see the movie? Lucky for IQ that Peter Nicholls returned to the helm as vocalist and lyrical contributor in chief because he churns out some of the most compelling yet mysteriously vague story content of his career as done right in true prog fashion leaving the other members to focus exclusively on the musical accompaniment which is nothing short of brilliant as IQ dishes out some of the strongest melodies and song structures of their career with each cadence wresting a heart felt explosion of emotional reaction as keyboard lines tinkle their way into a gravitational pull that is utterly irresistible.

Mike Holmes is a grossly underrated guitarist, capable of beautiful solos and solid fills, whilst the rhythm section is a powerhouse, especially John Jowett’s driving bass. Needless to say, adverse and sinister forces are at work exacerbating the challenge. Subterranea is a good, prog rock album. Edit Did You Know? Bearing in mind that both CD’s only hold just over minutes of music, IQ would have better been inspired to release a full lenght CD you know like TFK, with 78 minutes of music. For those not familiar with the band, it could actually be a good starting point.

The end epic, The Narrow Margin, clocking in at 20 minutes brings proceedings to a suitably grandiose end. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I have listening to it hundred of times since its initial release, have seen it once performed by Genesis you know, when they were five and saw no less than four representations by “The Musical Box” which brought me back to the magics of the original show. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 8 items.

Maybe, if it was condensed into a single disc with only the best material, it could perhaps have reached the same level of quality as The Seventh House, but even so it could never have matched IQ’s best albums.


I did watch the movie. Tracks such as the title piece would have fitted in perfectly on any of the band’s albums, the guest sax on this particular track offering an impressive additional dimension.

I bet you will love this track! It happens couple of seconds only but it helps put matters movvie perspective. Genesis never had this!

Well, I can tell you, it is! The pace swaps between slow to only slightly faster throughout, which may provide a teacup ride rather than a roller coaster experience in the eyes of some viewers.

The pulsing synth is effective along with rhythmic vocals and ominous key pads. That’s what one might think when they stumble across Subterranea for the first time. Although the music wasn’t what it is now in the 80’s. I guess we will never know. Start your free trial. Excellent in every degree. They subteranea the experimentees all into an old building and set fire to it in an attempt to destroy the experiment’s evidence The Narrow Margin.


A Great album, left me inspired and transfixed on the masterful skills of this great neo prog band. The group ends up in a large building to which Mockenrue sets fire “The Narrow Margin”. IQ sounds professional, symphonic, theatrical, sometimes mellow and sometimes exciting.

Subterranea Iq Audio CD. Following up the “Ever” masterpiece is no mean feat so everything is upsized to a whopping running time of minutes. I want to make sure the IQ community is as excited about the film as I am. All the tracks have something interesting.

Finally, “Subterranea” has similitudes with the records “Ever” and “Seventh House”; however I find “Subterranea” more accessible! For the most part, I don’t reveiw albums tha A soft and gentle acoustic number full of melancholy he’s a melancholy man On the second disc of the album he comes to realise that he’s part of some form of experiment and that he’s been kept away for some reason, so he needs to know why that happened Breathtaker.

Subterranea : The Movie

But now someone put in my hands this double CD and much to my surprise I have to recognize this subtfrranea really rock. This one, released indemonstrated to me that IQ, perhaps better than any other “neo” act, were capable of staying true to their roots and influences, but also taking them forward with the lush, subterrahea orchestral, modern digital era sound.


Along the way, he discovers that he’s part of a social experiment and sets off to find answers about his dark past. This time though it is extremely highly recommended to follow the lyrics as part of the listening in order to penetrate as more as possible into this fantasy story.

Subterranea “Feature Length Film” by Mathew Miller — Kickstarter

All in all, disc one is rather good but not grandiose. We want to gain the support of both the global community as well as our fellow Missoulians. These limited shirts will be made only for the cast and crew who will be on set of the film, so you’ll be among good company. There are many highlights in this album. IQ, along with Marillion and Pendragon to name a few bands picked up the prog baton and ran with it, evolving and changing the direction of prog.

Like the in-depth, diverse coverage of Cryptic Rock? I like the melodies on this and angular time sigs, leading to glorious guitar soling, with squeals and sustained string bends. Remember, this is a concept album. Bearing in mind that both CD’s only hold just over minutes of music, IQ would have better been inspired to release a full lenght CD you know like TFK, with 78 minutes of music.

In our video we feature a few tracks from IQ. For me the big difference between those two album was that I liked “Dark Matter” already at first listen and I noticed that “Subterannea” took some more time to “settle in”. They want to offer the opportunity for fans of the band and music to be involved in the film making process so that there is a unified vision and respect for the subject matter.

Everything seems to remind you of something else on here As on most TFK albums too.

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