I loved it, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series, Sapphique! Incarceron — a futuristic prison, sealed from view, where the descendants of the original prisoners live in a dark world torn by rivalry and savagery. I guess you could say the book is pretty dark, what with chaining people up and treating them like dogs, but this darkness is overshadowed, because Finn is not alone; he has friends. Other characters, however, are not so generous, as Keiro is seen as a rogue, out only to use Finn to get him out of Incarceron, no matter the cost. She is a Fellow of the Welsh Academy. The characters were unpredictable, but not inconsitent; they felt extremely real, and their emotions were raw.

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher 2 2 Apr 15, I believe another reviewer said something about Australia not being a continent full of thieves and idiots. Finn was overly whiny considering how long he had lived in the prison but he had good morals. The pacing was off, way off, and this was pages too thick. There are problems with the story telling itself also. Fisher is one hell of a storyteller. Preview — Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Casper is a one dimensional idiot who I doubt has all the luck with women that Fisher would have us believe.

The reveal about his anxieties and self-doubt didn’t endear him to me, because it was came too late and too abruptly. I’m not quite sure what the plot is other than “Incarceron and the Queen are evil! I definitely want to read the sequel to find out where this story goes. Incarceron is a self-sustaining plpt experiment that is in a secret location and sealed off from the rest of the world. Attilia, the slave girl with a crush on Finn.


Incarceron (Incarceron, #1) by Catherine Fisher

I’ll read the next one because I want to know what happens. I totally can’t wait for the sequel Sapphique to come out in December!

Chained, Hand summarry Foot; Chapter Meanw “Year by year Incarceron tightened its grip. I could relate to each of them, despite their extreme differences. Claudia was supposed to have 2 sides to her, her fake side whenever her father is present which incarferon stuffy, snobby, and proper. Lalu ada Gildas si Sapient tua. Incarceron is filled with interesting ideas — all of which come from a myriad of other places. Feb 05, Serap S.


Not one thing is exactly how it seems, and that goes for characters as well. At times, it was confusing. Though he cannot remember a previous life, his mysterious seizures and visions hint that he was not always an Incarceron captive.

Maybe ten years or so. Finn, like Will, ijcarceron boring.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Videos About This Book. Akibatnya bermunculanlah makhluk-makhluk campuran seperti domba berkaki sirkuit plastik, pohon-pohon berdaun logam, dan manusia-manusia yang badannya ditambal mesin. Each are running from something – Finn from the horrors of the prison and Claudia from the horrors of an arranged marriage.

I’d be sad, at least.

She won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in Basically, in a future where even the moon shows the scars from many wars, peace has been made by taking all the unsavory elements and putting them into a giant, sentient prison.

It was VERY imaginative! When Claudia sees Finn and learns that he has no memory of anything from his childhood she immediately believes he was the king’s older son from a previous marriage and was sent to Incarceron because the queen wanted her own heir to be the future queen.

View all 28 comments. It’s more just a matter of being too pedestrian, too common.


Incarceron – Catherine Fisher. Simmary mumpung kita sudah ngomongin cara keluar dari Incarceron The book had received largely positive reviews from book critics. The prison as a ‘great experiment’ microcosm does shine light on the inherent flaws of any so-called utopian ideal, which I believe is doomed to fail, due to the flawed aspects of human nature.


Young adultdystopian incarcerobScience fiction. Stop throwing in bland heroes that no one cares about. A prison that some are born into and that nobody ever escapes, Incarceron is not a building, but an entire underground network of cities and wilderness entrapping prisoners in its vastness. Unfortunately, my interest level suffered as a result. Finally, I was not captivated by Claudia or Finn. Raja mengawini perempuan cantik yang muncul secara misterius?

View all 29 comments. If you enjoyed the book I’m really happy for you, I really wanted to like the book, but it just left me cold and by a little over half way through I was simply skipping ahead This was one of the most well-developed relationships in the book, and part of why I would give this book three stars rather than 2.

So he reverted the whole world to a pre-regenc I found it difficult to enjoy Incarceron at first. Chained Hand and Foo; Chapter It was a bit long but fun. I loved the oddity of advanced technology in a royalty-imposed archaic time period — the monarchs and nobles emulate the late medieval western model of courts, down to the dress, castles and mannerisms.

Gilanya lagi, ekosistem penjara ini punya kes Selesai baca ini, saia speechless. A World that Hangs in Space; Chapter On the outside, people live in a semblance of Ye Olden Tymes, when things were simpler and less warlike.

However, since then, King Endor released a royal decree that Time would be “stopped” in order for humanity to survive, and now the Realm is trapped in the 17th century.

Atau cerita tentang gadis yang makan apel yang diberikan seorang Sapient sebetulnya merujuk pada cerita Ular dan Hawa di Firdaus. Ya, this is Incarceron all over. What I can’t stand is when a character has no friends.

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