The sheer whiteness of cloth blinds your eye. Madiha Aijaz Pakistan Swimming Pool is a radio short which is a portrait of a middle-aged swimming instructor who is single, spirited and at ease with herself and her body. There will be Q and A sessions with visiting filmmakers after the screenings. Women have practiced sound through diverse technologies making it possible for us to know the world through our ears. The screenings begin every morning at 9. Audio documentaries, art, field notes, music, noise and poetry. The organizers are trying their best to raise funds to host visits of participating filmmakers, but this is not yet confirmed.

Duterte is desperate in suppressing the truth Statements February 15, Media Coordination – Aparna Sanyal. It is the best toast you have ever had, she proudly announced. Invites entries on Women and Sound Technologies. There will be Q and A sessions with participating filmmakers after screenings. The screenings begin every morning at 9. A big plane with hundreds of travellers aboard went missing in the early hours of 5 March

Renuka as we all know, was a very lively, vibrant and interesting person. In case the film is selected, a high-resolution mov file will be required for the festival screening.

I know I am not able to fillm justice to this wonderful person filj a good friend who left all of us suddenly. Because I think that much of documentary filmmaking is about observing, listening and building relationships with the people you film, and asking them—and society—the hard questions, I think that women in general have the tendency to do it quite well.

Rhythms push thread into cloth, a picture begins to form.

A glimpse into her story is also a glimpse into the middle-class neighbourhood of Gulshan in Karachi — a melting pot of different ethnicities and dialects. You fix new thread in an empty spindle.

The films narrates how we have lived these years, with real war and the shadow of war and, in fact, we may have slowly got used to it. Rules – Participants may send multiple entries, but separate forms are required for each entry.

IAWRT INDIA: 11th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival announces the schedule

They worried about facing and repeating the same bitter experience again, every moment until now. Net July 30, It is a playful poetry-like take on breaking sense, creating distortions and disturbances and bringing sounds together to perhaps make new sense. Global Day of the Landless: As mentioned before we have closed taking entries on 15th November A big plane with hundreds of travellers aboard went missing in the early hours of 5 March Filmmaking, I think, is a necessary component of the continuing struggle of women, especially Asian women, who historically have been marginalized and conditioned to stay hidden or silent along with the stories they hold most dear.


Net June 25, How did meaning become? We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear by Carol Mansour, meanwhile, is an interesting look into the plight of Palestinians who were displaced again from Syria where they had been protected as refugees.

Net September 17, The program shines with the award-winning Tears of Gaza by Vibeke Lokkeberg—a hard, unflinching look at how the Israeli occupation impacts Palestinian children. The festival has grown in strength and popularity over the years with increasing participation of filmmakers. From cyber libel to cyber attacks: Haunted by Liwaa Yazjie.

Meet the Festival Team. My name is Christian and I…. There will be Q and A sessions with participating filmmakers after screenings. Aside from my own film which was about the Macliing women, indigenous peoples rights defenders in Cordillerathere was also Above Us, The Sky by Lin Li. She asked me, is it difficult for me, a woman, in the Philippines to become a filmmaker?

Over the last 15 years, the festival has travelled to many Indian cities, and the curated package of films from the festival has been screened at other festivals across the world.

The Iraqi army intruded from the south of Iran, and the people in the south were first affected by the war. It was understandable—the past few weeks in Delhi had seen the biggest student protests in 25 years, following the arrest of a university student who had allegedly said something seditious iawft a public speech. I ended up thinking that I would want to watch a film a woman like that would one day make.


Soundphiles by IAWRT’s Asian Women’s Film Festival

Andtheir repertoire far exceeded mine. And if anything, the films shown in the festival, which showcases films directed exclusively by Asian women, reminded me how films, especially documentaries, can be so valuable in making sense of a world in turmoil.

It reminded me of the fire at the Kentex slipper factory last year, which claimed more than 80 lives back home. Paano nilabag ang iyong karapatan?

To register to attend the seminar please write to Shweta.

IAWRT INDIA: 11th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival

On march 5,6 and 7- flim art installation titled Bioscopewalli mounted by design students and artists conceived by the festival director. Do childhood memories, family and growing up have impact in her life? The online link of the film with password and publicity material can be sent to: The documentary follows indigenous peoples trying to live in a relocation area away from their ancestral lands because the government has built a dam.

Launched inthe IAWRT film festival has over the years positioned itself with a conscious effort to showcase narratives weaved by Asian women filmmakers and grown in strength and reputation, with participation from around the world.

Ilang-Ilang Quijano is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. The festival was launched in and has grown in strength and popularity with film makers coming from all over the world to participate. I hesitated for a second, weighing my answer, knowing full well that filk context in my country would be different from hers.

Media Coordination – Aparna Sanyal. So are documentaries directed by women marked different from those directed by men? Delhi, curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt. This could be a play with noise, silence or rage.

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