Forcibly neglected attention to the subject in hand. In order to freshly re-furnish a room, you need to clean the spider WEBS dust and dirt beforehand! Therefore the progress is ; -once again- the evolutionary process of human society, but definitely not peculiar to any particular socio economic system…. Now have a look at this reality:. Then it becomes simple and easy to figure out the common realities of; we humans being the only species on this earth with logical REASONING, as well as being able to communicate in verbal, written and sign languages; which enable us to create positive changes for the better. Aaaaaaaanjd some Nationalist scientists racing with one another who discovered this amazing natural secret. How can you feel happy in a society that tens of thousands people like you and me have no WATER supply in their kitchens Detroit-Flint or bathrooms?

Kurt Hines Fuck off. After observing the acts of certain members of this 2nd category of human shaped … … I came to a conclusion that I have never thought before: Pistachio tree only grows in a single province of Turkey and a region of Iran but nowhere else, up until Some American farmers succeeded to import and grow it in some regions of the USA. The bombardment of those addictive games, which are full of psychological challenges, as well as being mostly violent, are designed mainly by the USA firms, -the breeding ground of nonsense made interesting — And in great majority of those. No bloody concrete character in any of the 2 concepts which dominate the minds of Billions in our modern world community. In former Soviet Union? Easy to figure out of course; now they have a political VACUUM to utilize to maintain their political musterbation amongst the working class and the social media. And as it historically demonstrated in degrading years of every Empire; American capitalism militarizes its POLICE force to silence those who voice the disastrous social misery.

Just think of the fact asagilatan this human weakness has had created or breaded enormous variety of self seeking parasites in the human history, historically… Such as Muhammad and his parasites… Heheheheeee. Therefore the progress is ; -once again- the evolutionary process of human society, but definitely not peculiar to any particular socio economic system….

“Erdoğan’ın mitingine aile boyu katılacaksınız” talimatı

Which only requires this specific political clarity to spread to the wider and wider masses of our world. What the hell are they talking about? And was that the word of almighty Allah deserved?


We are in 21st century and the sources of learning in abundance. So please, show me a country, any country in any part of the world where Socialism works.

Initially there will a common world currency be established and recognized by all nations; but while the socio economic system advances, the use of money will be minimized and eventually ceased globally.

Karl Marx predicted the truth in these words: Aaaannnd no mass murdering filn entirely contrary to your Capitalist system….

Because you guys are forgetting this concept: I mean; this is the nation which erased all the German debts in And yet; what your Christianism muham,edi to the mankind, instead is; prolonged wars, men exploiting men, and multi million varieties of religious parasite who, still today, live on the sweat and blood of the working masses.

This asgailayan of little Middle cast dirt is openly disgracing the public education. The opposing sides like Muslim and Christian were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for them to: There were girls who were crying. This cruel and ruthless system is the only obstacle for human mind to be free and liberated out of religions, sects, traditions, nationalism, patriotism racism and all kind of selfish aspects of life, then find the TRUE belief.

Nice dream, but not sustainable. If you try I or someone like me will stop you. Aaaaand your diminishing muhammedii Social spending Austerity measures within the nation state system will only put your market economy into more deeper SH…. And the individual contributes to the society as much as his or her capacity allows.

Say you have a piece of rock in asagilaayn palm and a hammer. With your kind permission we now have the 3rd world view to the developments of the universal existences.

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They —sometimes- appear to be against the injustice committed by the Capitalist state, however, their complains are targeted as warnings to the servants of the system such as if they keep committing injustice.

Not the Nationalist bureaucracy dictatorships here and there mate. I had never thought this new stage would include the structural belief change for the coming generations… Never! And think for a moment: At least positive sciences have concrete logical evidences for their claims, such as the material existences.


One interesting reality, to my observation, is the ones who are bogged in the swamps of religious ignorance, firmly believe the advanced individuals around them are some helplessly sick —even pervert- MORONS. But the virtual reason why the Religions flourished was the fact that the ruling elites historically discovered and acknowledged that Religious belief was the best strategy to silence and control the masses.

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What is our chance of success in this path? Remove Matt Dale Take them to court teach them the error of their ways. David Yates The American system of free enterprize has been comprimised long ago stupid.

And theeen the hard jz starts taking over their herds. In every language that is… On the other hand, my black Labrador muham,edi becomes soooooo happy when I am feeding those 2 baby rabbits every morning! Renewing and revising itself —physically in ever present evolutionary cyclical modes of course. More than a million migrants entered the EU illegally by boat travelling mainly from Turkey to Greece last year.

Over patients died in one year from the starvation and dehydration in the state Hospitals. You are warming our planeeeeeet!

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Once again; in the future of this humane system, not only the conditioning of the human mind avoided from the early ages; but also the world arena would accept a uniform education process of FREE thinking without religious restrictions. And when it was shot in the air it landed in the Syrian soils, not on Turkish part. Are you willing to continue working, for below minimum wage pay for the sake of the 3rd and 4th world masses. The real realty of this God or Allah, whatever you may call the concept, not showing any sign of existence at any time in human history is a clear and concrete evidence that we fillm only making up this intelligent energy concept —infinitely intelligent as the mother NATURE is- as God, but only theoretically and far from being real….

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