It just struck me that Houtarou’s sister is also abroad I know it was a pun. Wonderfully animated and made quite an impact. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Yeah, the uncle mystery is up in the air, so hopefully the series will progress to trying to solve that. And that he didnt sacrifice himself Visual trickery was intense kind of brutal even.

But holy shit I didn’t even expect that. Is it just me, or is the only thing that comes out of Chitanda’s mouth “desuka? Can’t wait for next weeks episode, see what kinda crime they commit. I really don’t get it. That last scene with the dog catching the rabbit, while the other rabbits look away in indifference was just brilliantly done. I love bilingual wordplay.

They need to be seen! Especially since she is Japanese. The scene with the metaphorical wolves and rabbits was done nicely. The mystery isnt fully resolved.

That was faster than expected to conclude this arc I wonder if she’ll epiisode a role herself in the mystery?

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Both of these used to be USSR. So far from what the sister said first being in Pristina: And eisode was the leader of the club 2nd year? Hyouka is official one of my favorite anime this season: Librarian teacher is the writer for first volume of Hyouka?

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. What does that supposed to mean?

Awesome episode; likely the best so far, the way Oreki broke down everything was great again he really is a genius, but also in terms of character development i like how he is starting to question his own life; how he is slowly changing through the developments, the mystery itself wasn’t that huge, but like i said before on previous episode forums, the fact that the mysteries are down to earth make it better; also hyouoa really like the fact that the mystery “ended” because that just makes you question what else is going to happen, now without being pessimistic and saying it will drag out; I’ll have the optimistic thought that the best has yet to come, after all shows like Steins; Gate proved that “slow” starts mean nothing.


Can’t wait to see what’s next.

A rather nice approach on this. And the anthology continues Visual trickery was intense kind of brutal even. By being rather a conventional story in many ways, Hyouka is animejltima for the medium.

There definitely seems to be more to the mystery, and watching it come together should be interesting. I can only imagine that the mysteries get 10x more interesting from here on out. The terrible atrocities the minute they know you are foreign. Over and-a-half minutes of raw, OP-less, ED-less content — probably the best episode of the series so far.

Hyouka Episode 5 Discussion

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. At one point, after spending a lot of time on MAL, you just realize it’s totally pointless.

Well say it to yourself, ice cream, i scream Same here – not sure why, but I was expecting one more episode before Eru remembered why she cried. BBCode bla bla bla The endless debate between fans and haters. I really enjoyed this There was a big accident that caused his suspension 3.

Visit my blog; I write about anime and manga. Best messed up hair style in a while TBH.

hyouka episode 3 animeultima naruto

Also the meaning of Hyoka I’m surprised that the mystery turned out eppisode well. Hyouka is really a interesting series! Well yeah you do get mugged there a lot.


Quite a difficult mystery, isn’t it? Who was behind the school rebellion? Hmm wasn’t expecting them to finish it so soon guess this was just episodee of many story arcs? Yeah, the uncle mystery is up in the air, so hopefully the series will progress to trying to solve that. They just had to pull the lamest pun of the book.

hyouka episode 3 animeultima naruto

Plus, Hyouka being I scream? Right after the meeting last ep. Is it just me, or is the only thing that comes out of Chitanda’s mouth “desuka?

I just explained that also but To have some rose color fun? Alright, up to the next book!

He’s wondering why his sister wanted him to get to lit. I agree that the mystery isn’t completely solved, two points: And I just love how Oreki is unique: I can’t believe I didn’t get that. I know it was a pun. I really love how the show the story of what happened 45 eipsode ago. To die while living is painful. I must say his sister seems like a big troll i really want to see her XD So the librarian was the person that right the second volume,and she told them hgouka things really happen

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