He says I got effected by your words, but now I am uneffected. She says there might be a reason for our every move. She calls him, but phone is unreachable. He sees Arzoo in the video. Anam says no and goes to her room. She made me learn how to love and live life. You never loved Sahir. When those promises going to fulfil?

Sahir says it is none of your business. He says before I could speak, he left. I love your show so much so much a rzoo and sahir is hot very interested in this show can not wait until monday. Vikram asks her not to worry about Anam as he will handle. What I have earned is Arzoo. Vivi 19th Feb – The episode starts with Sahir getting a call from a stranger asking him to stop the deal.

Vikram comes and tells Kurti Apa that he will take care of Zeenat. He asks someone to talk to Singhania.

Humsafars 19th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Zeenat says we will put kidnapping blame fsb Anam. The show is going off air peope? Zeenat says yes, and thanks him for that. I just love your show I hope you have season 2 sahir is really hot.

Anam asks her to help for now. Today I got a call from Ammi.


Roma 20th Feb – Arzoo says it means she lied to me. I was tensed then thought about it. Aakash 19th Feb – She will be in jail.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Welcome, Login to your account.

Humsafars 20th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

We have to do something about her. Arzoo says we all are proud of you. She has mentally lost it. She keeps the poetry papers in the drawer and smiles.

Zeenat is pretending to be in coma still. Zaki comes and informs her that Sahir refused for the deal. What I have earned is Arzoo. I thnk sony is forcing her to shut shw bcuse dey cnt tke expenses of a shw with low trps. Sahir reaches there and opens the rope.

Saahir-Aarzoo Ki Mulakaat Huyi Dr. Neil Se – Humsafars 19 Jan 2015

Zeenat says she was thinking about Anam. You did which she never expected. We are at one side now. He sees Arzoo in the video. Sahir looks at the video. Roma 24th Feb – Sahir says humswfars is none of your business.

Aarzoo Unhappy For Getting Married To Sahir | Humsafars | Sony TV

Zeenat gives a kiss on his cheek. Roma 20th Feb – 2: Welcome, Login to your account. She says she always loved him more than Zaki. Sahir asks what is the guarantee. Vivi 23rd Feb – 7: Arzoo gives best wishes to Sahir and prays for his success. Zeenat says so you are saying, I am cheap girl. Akanksha 21st Feb 2105 Just wanted to get him and it is your stubborness. This is getting very interesting. She was taking Arzoo to Sahir, but I stopped her. Last updated Feb 19, They will inform me.


Page 1 of 1. Alvira says I believe on Sahir, if he has broken his dreams with his own epissode then there is definitely something wrong.

Alvira says it is very beautifully written and I will keep it safely forever. She wants Sahir and wants you to be out of his life. Roma 19th Feb – I wants to leave my black past and start afresh with Arzoo.

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