Allows you to send print-ready jobs to the product. Sets the product behavior when a color supply has reached its estimated end of life. The Override options allow the product to continue using a supply item that has reached its estimated end of life. Enter the name and e-mail address for the primary contact who will receive information about the product. To find the IP address or host name, print a configuration page. A security settings page is not printed. This tab does not appear if the product is directly connected to a computer, or if the product is connected to a network using anything other than an HP Jetdirect print server. Use this item to specify an IPv6 address for a secondary DNS server that the print server should use.

The actual remaining supply levels might be different than the approximations provided. Prints the approximate remaining life for the supplies; reports statistics on total number of pages and jobs processed, serial number, page counts, and maintenance information. Determines how many pages should be sent from the specified source as part of the test. A T half-duplex selection is not supported. Enable and disable certain features of the product. Controls the fuser cool down behavior. This menu item only appears when a hard disk is installed.

How does HP install software and gather data? Prints a demonstration page. How does HP install software and gather data? A proxy server is typically used by network clients for Internet access.


Using this option will eventually result in unacceptable print quality. To configure the test to run continuously, select 0.

HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Series Printer – Embedded Web server

IPSec operation on the print server is disabled. Specifies the proxy server to be used by embedded applications in the product. Sets vertical spacing from 5 to lines for default paper size.

Specify the length of time, in seconds, to wait for a response from the remote host. The speed penalty on the first page depends on how long the fuser has been sitting idle.

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Set the wake time for that day, and then choose whether the wake time should be applied to all days of the week. The scan direction is referred to as X. The product displays an “Order supplies” message when a supply item is running low and a “Replace supplies” serirs when a supply item has reached seroes estimated end of life.

You must define the path for the test in order to test specific paper paths. The Settings tab can be password-protected. The Edge Control setting determines how edges are rendered. Activate individual parts independently to isolate noise, leaking, and other hardware issues.

Product sold by third party: This test checks operation of HTTP by retrieving predefined pages from the product, and tests the embedded Web server. This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product. Type the IPv4 address.



The supply does not have to be replaced at this point unless the print quality is no longer acceptable. The print server requests to renew the current DHCP lease. Selects the font source. Allows you to determine the language in which to display the embedded Web server information.

Items on the control panel. Configure the print mode that is associated with each media type. Select the number of pages the product continues to print while in override mode. Type the IPv6 address. You can select the following items: View product status information. PCL sub-menu This menu configures settings for the printer control language.

The product can distinguish transparencies from other paper types.

Isolates print quality faults more accurately by stopping the product in mid-print cycle, which allows you to see where the image begins to degrade.

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