With a last guttural cry, he disintegrated into smoke. Thanks for stopping by Kristen. On the contrary, these vampires seemed…real. Such as basilisks, dragon Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales. Not only that, she has become more in touch with her human side. It’s Fi who takes the initiative and decides to fight to death for the right to marry Doc. But, she genuinely has an emotional connection to Lilith now and has slowly built up a small family in order to take care of her every need and to protect her. Thomas Creek is dealing with a supernatural woman with feathers for hair.

House of the Rising Sun: Anyway, another brilliant book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The issues between Chrysabelle and Mal felt a little forced, but only a little. However, now that Fi and Doc don’t have to worry about Heaven anymore, there relationship maybe be tested once more, since Heavens brother in going to be around Fi. In the end, she manages to get Dominic’s nephew to agree to make her vampire.

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I received this book straight from the publisher in lieu of an honest review. Samael has given Lilith to Tatiana to raise and protect. The second curse is that the poor guy has to live with every soul of every being he has ever killed living inside him, tormenting him and driving him to kill again. Doc is the new alpha of his pack but unfortunately, the position comes with a wife, which means problems in his relationship with Fi.

I look forward to reading your book!

I freaking love the house of compare — Kristen Painter Q&A

I am very interested in read this book and seeing the series. I was really into this one. True in the beginning of the book it was a bit disorienting for me, since I was also trying to get back into the story that has been playing out for three books now. Creek finds that he is facing challenging circumstances when the deity Yahla comes to visit and things go south from there. Deep in sleep, Chrysabelle curled against a cold, steely form that paralleled her own.


When will it be her time to live, love and treasure life? She finds herself in a situation, that literally kills her, and Mal thinking he has lost the love of his life, watches in amazement as she comes back to life. Painter quickly turned it around and finally gave us the smoochies we had been waiting for.

Mel and Crysabelle take a backseat to everything else that is going on. I wanted to love this book. The breaking of hpuse covenant has also activated an ancient organisation designed to protect mankind – the Kubai Mata.

From what I gather the relationship is typically business like, but for Chrysabelle and Mal, they are in love. Have not heard of this movie but it is now on my Wish List for Christmas. It uses uses a ton of POVs to tell the story.

My favorite vampire movie is also one of the most unknown at least no one ever seems to know about it when I mention it and underrated vampire movies out there. October 29, at 1: Houwe are a lot of storylines going on here. Find a book you’ll love, get our newsletter name email.

Kristen Painter

Book 5 will be a great ending to this series. This could make for an amazing storyline, but making her pregnant was a huge bucket of cold water.

Painter weaves a thrilling tapestry amongst the characters plots, where the reader is taken on very thought provoking adventure. Jerem is her ursine-shifter driver. I cannot allow for this.

She in turn creates a bit of chaos in the city when she sets a curfew for supernaturals. I am curious as to where the plot with Lilith the vampire baby is going as well. Creek doesn’t vomarre fit in with anyone else’s comarre — he’s a dumb, pointless character.


I can not wait!

Out for Blood

She wakes up after being killed by the Aurelian Nadira and she doesn’t want to talk about it so she sends Mal off.

Weird and unnecessary, can’t something else be sorted out. Cojarre has his own problems dealing with an entity that is suppose to help him–or something like that. October 26, at As a reader of this series, you realize that Fi and Doc really do love each other but have been through so much. This works pretty well for mobie this book and the flow wasn’t too choppy because of it.

D I knew I was bugging when I actually felt bad for Tatianna at the end. Recommended to fans of paranormal books. It has all moviee back-stabbing, politics and posturing of an epic fantasy but it’s packaged in an urban fantasy world with familiar creatures with new twists. The tattoo has a unique set of powers that it gives Chrysabelle that are guaranteed to make her life a little more interesting, as if it wasn’t hhouse.

You begin to feel bad for her because it seems like all she wants to do is protect her family her, Lilith, Octavian, and Daci. This book picks up where the last left off. I hope that Creek is the one who is forced to take care of the situation with the now changed Mayor of Paradise City who has her own agenda in regards to the child Lilith who is supposed to be her granddaughter.

Watching them deal with ordinary situations becomes fascinating.

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