My takeaways from the book and film — beware of kindly old busybody neighbors who are overbearing with their gifts. It wasn’t scary but there was a nice tension throughout the book and a great climax. The will to do that. Since he’s an abusive husband who does not truly love his wife so much as he wants to control her, this seems like appropriate action. Linas Are you scared by sexual content? Rosemary finds them meddlesome and absurd, but Guy begins paying them frequent visits. Books by Ira Levin.

But there are people who do believe, even if we don’t; just the way my family believes that God hears their prayers and that the wafer is the actual body of Jesus. Rosemary cut her deal with the devil at the county courthouse and Rosemary’s Baby is about the devil coming to honor that contract. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Discussion 1 6 23 Oct 18, I remember when I was with Special Forces. About sweet Rosemary, who despite her role as protagonist, has the least power of all. Both are very similar and Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby is easily one of the best horror adaptations out there.

He didn’t have anything to do with the theater at all. One could explain that Rosemary suffers from delusions. I’m a 13 year old who’s looking for a scare. Yeah, I don’t know. View all 4 comments. And he stood there and watched while Rosemary was being used as a cow to The horror of this book is not the devil, nor his baby-demon.

View all 9 comments. You have a right bebq do that You make the move. Was this review helpful to you?

I read this in honor of my friend who is pregnant and will be giving birth in approximately 26 dayds. The sex scene is one of the scariest sex scenes in literature because we know what’s really happening: By the time Romzarina is approaching the bassinet to see her baby for the first time, I was biting my knuckles, and the hackles on the back of my neck were not only raised but vibrating. I never realized what a faithful adaptation Polanski made, down to entire passages of dialogue and what clothes the characters wore.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Strange things have routinely happened in this apartment building.

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Desperate to escape the control of her family, she surrendered control of her life to a husband, a man whose stagecraft comes with certain perks. Production design and especially costumes are lavish and colorful. Open Preview See a Problem?

It starts off like one of those ‘s Doris Day movies. Even those we most depend on — can fipm betray our trust in them? Inside is a book titled All of Them Witches. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love Then there’s Ira Levin’s writing in general. Hill, a young obstetrician recommended to her by a friend and receives the great news that she is pregnant. Even though I’m an agnostic, who occasionally flirts with atheism, I have a strong urge to steal a hanging incense burner from the closest church, and start swinging it around my apartment.

Guy tries to beg off, fearing that if they get too close to the old timers they’ll never be rid of them, but over dinner, he’s rozmarija by Roman’s travel stories bba his belief in Guy’s potential. And if my parents were not convinced then, that I would never give them grandch I knew from a young age that I probably didn’t have the maternal instinct that is necessary to raise a child.

As most people know, rzmarina neighbors are actually part of a coven of witches who are on the lookout for a young fertile woman they can use to bring the child of Satan into the world. What shocks me most about reading Rosemary’s Baby is what fantastic fiction it is. I ta zavrsna scena It wasn’t scary but there was a nice tension throughout the rozmariina and a great climax. Maybe I don’t know either. Rosemary is your standard Sixties Housewife, all “Here’s your dinner, Guy!


Regardless of bsba views of marriage, the novel can be enjoyed as sinister, delightfully executed suspense.

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Yes, it seems laughable, doesn’t it? She is married horkr an actor named Guy. I loved the little things, the tiny details that Rosemary saw as a whole lot of trees, never realizing that she was too close to see the forest.

Dizziness sets in and Rosemary is taken to bed by her husband, where rozmatina has a vivid dream. Somebody said ‘Man is God in ruins,’ and John saw the ruins with a clarity that you and I could not tolerate. Isn’t Hutch coming with us? At the Bramford, which has quite a colorful history, you can hear through the walls.

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I particularly liked Ruth Gordon, with her delightfully eccentric behavior and mannerisms. They meet Minnie and Roman Castevet at the scene and Rosemary offers her condolences.

Oh but there must be something. View all 5 comments. I love King’s analysis and opinions on things.

While the overall plot is not dated, I should mention that occasionally the language itself is just that — some racist vocabulary which I could do without. Rosemary has wanted children for some time, but Guy wants to wait until he is more established. U scenariju je pisalo: There’s not a lot of the feeling of “No, don’t go there!! Or about anything, really.

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