If a person and address is listed in Block 15 of the application, the Bureau of Industry and Security will send the license to that person instead of the applicant. Government to engage in business as an airline. Total control of flight. Covert Affairs – Agente Dupla, Hungary. Note 2 to paragraph b Items controlled within a particular ECCN may be controlled for more than one reason. Cat 3, 4, 5, and 6 – The processing of externally derived information-bearing signals by algorithms such as time compression, filtering, extraction, selection, correlation, convolution or transformations between domains e.

Cat 3 and 6 – Monolithic compounds with dimensions suitable for the production of optical elements such as mirrors or optical windows. For example, ECCN 1A controls equipment and devices, specially designed to initiate charges and devices containing energetic materials , by electrical means. See file listing below. GTN – Experimental or theoretical work undertaken principally to acquire new knowledge of the fundamental principles of phenomena or observable facts, not primarily directed towards a specific practical aim or objective. Cat 8 – Fully submerged, without snorkel, all systems working and cruising at minimum speed at which the submersible can safely control its depth dynamically by using its depth planes only, with no need for a support vessel or support base on the surface, sea-bed or shore, and containing a propulsion system for submerged or surface use. These items do not fall within the scope of section of the Agricultural Trade Act, but are treated as agricultural commodities for the purposes of License Exception AGR. See Return Without Action. Allocated by the ITU.

Homeland Season 3 Complete. Cat 4 and 5 – A sequence of elementary instructions, finish in a special storage, homelahd execution of which is initiated by the introduction of its reference instruction into an instruction register. Veep Tears Veep 01x Homeland – 05×12 – A False Glimmer.

Cat 0 and 2 includes the items within or attached directly to the reactor vessel, tinnish equipment which controls the level of power in the core, and the components which normally contain, come into direct contact with or control the primary coolant of the reactor core.

Works with all HDTV. Appropriate acting Assistant Secretary, Deputy Assistant Secretary or equivalent strength of any agency or department may serve in finniah of the Assistant Secretary of the concerned agency or department. Homeland – First Season This can be expressed as a function of time.

This includes verifying the origin or content of a message or other information, and all aspects of access control where there is no encryption of files or text except as directly related to the protection of passwords, Personal Identification Numbers PINs or similar data to prevent unauthorized access.


Cat 6 Consist of the primary scalar sensor, one or more reference sensors e.

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Such software includes source code, object codeapplications softwareor system software. Cat 5 – On-line or off-line production screen testing that dynamically applies a prescribed tensile stress over a 0.

Cat 1 – Capable of being cross-linked or polymerized further cured by the use of heat, radiation, catalysts, etc. The person in the United States who conducted the direct negotiations or correspondence with the foreign purchaser or ultimate consignee and who, as a result of these negotiations, received the order from the foreign purchaser or ultimate consignee.

Homeland – season 7. Cat 5 – A figure of merit parametrized to characterize the efficiency of transmission system that uses complex modulation schemes such as QAM quadrature amplitude modulationTrellis coding, QSPK Q-phased shift keyho,eland. A license that allows the export of specified products to specified destinations in unlimited quantities.

Any article, materialor supply except technology and software. This definition does not apply to part of the EAR Foreign Availabilitywhich provides a dedicated definition.

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Cat 3 and 5 – The bandwidth over which output power remains constant within 3 dB without adjustment of other operating parameters. Items that have both commercial and military or proliferation applications. Total digital transfer rate. Maximum bit transfer rate. Cat 8 An electrochemical device that converts chemical energy directly into Direct Current DC electricity by consuming fuel from an external source.

Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Passer til Se comments. The person that acts as an agent for a principal party in interest for the purpose of effecting delivery of items to the ultimate consignee. ISO Eparagraph 3. This does not include algorithms using only linear or rotational transformation of a single image, such as translation, feature extraction, registration or false coloration. It also means any corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other entity or group that is not incorporated in the United States or organized to do business in the United Statesas well as international organizations, foreign governments and any agency or subdivision of a foreign government e.


Dedicated guidance, navigation, and control equipment. Resurrection anglicized from Latin resurrectio is the concept of a living being coming back to life after death. This is a combination of parts, components, accessoriesattachmentsfirmware, or software that operate together to perform a function of, as, or for an end item or system.


Cat 5 means a cryptographic subtiltes using different, mathematically-related keys for encryption and decryption.

For purposes of this definition, a U. All items moving at the same time from one exporter to one consignee or intermediate consignee on the same exporting carriereven if these items will be forwarded to one or more ultimate consignees. Cat 5 – The routing of or switching of signals in optical form without conversion to electrical signals.

Cat 5P2 Systems, equipment or components designed or modified to perform ‘cryptanalytic functions’, software having the characteristics of cryptanalytic hardware or performing ‘cryptanalytic functions’, or technology for the developmentproduction or use of cryptanalytic commodities or software.

Note 1 to paragraph b An application may be RWA ‘d for one of the following reasons:. References to these standards are included in this note to provide additional examples for when commodities or software operate together to perform a function as a system.

Cat 8 – Fully submerged, without snorkel, all systems working and cruising at minimum speed at which the submersible can safely control its depth dynamically by using its depth planes only, with no need for a support vessel or support base on the surface, sea-bed or shore, and containing a propulsion system for submerged or surface use.

Cat 5 – The technique whereby energy in a relatively narrow-band communication channel is spread over a much wider energy spectrum. Homeland S06E12 – arabic. Note to paragraph a Only ammunition, or fuel or other energy source w01e10 required to place it in an operating state.

Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Designation of another party to receive the license does not alter the responsibilities of the applicantlicensee or exporter. Any natural person who is not a lawful permanent resident of the United States finnisb, citizen of the United Statesor any other protected individual as defined by 8 U.

A young CIA operative, Annie Walker, is mysteriously summoned to headquarters for duty as a field operative. Cat 7 – The closeness of agreement among repeated measurements of the same variable under the same operating conditions when changes in conditions or non-operating periods occur between measurements.

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