The first successful work was an advertising video for the bank “Credit-Moscow”. He again decided to go to Moscow. The beginning of the career Then the future director went to Tashkent. She works in the field of animation. The father of the future star worked as a head of a large company. It has exhibits relating to Kazakh culture, crafts, architecture and history specific to the region of Atyrau. Most fares should cost KZT

Oliver Stone William Oliver Stone. The first successful work was an advertising video for the bank “Credit-Moscow”. In addition to the role, the singer also wrote the soundtrack for the film. Longer fares may cost but it depends on how much you are willing to haggle about the price. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear if visiting Atyrau during these seasons. Timur Bekmambetov in his youth With such a family Timur could do everything and become anyone. His father wanted his son followed in his footsteps.

This French restaurant offers a variety of teas, coffees, and pastries as well as quiche and sandwiches, pizza and more.

Kazakh director Bekmambetov’s film wins in Toronto

Also offers meat, seafood and sushi. This cinema has 3 screen and plays hollywood movies. Serves soups salads and pizza, burgers, pastas, kebabs and more. When taking an unmarked taxi be certain to agree on the fare and show the amount you are willing to pay to the driver. There is also a lounge bar offering a range of bar food as well as a selection of wines, domestic and imported beers and drinks.

There is a train station is located in the Northeastern part of Atyrau. Atyrau origins can be traced back to the ‘s. There are domestic trains serving Atyrau from Aktau 21 hours ; Aktobe 16 hours ; Almaty Station 1 50 hours ; and [[Almaty] Station 2 36 hours.

Atyrau International Airport Map showing the location of this airport in Kazakhstan. GUW [57] provides passenger service through: This airport locator is a very useful tool for travelers to know where is Atyrau International Airport located and also provide information like hotels near Atyrau International Airport, airlines operating to Atyrau International Airport etc Atyrau is divided by the Ural, which is part of the border between Europe and Asia making Atyrau one of two cities in the world to be located on two different continents.


Timur has an adult daughter Zhanna from his first marriage. She works in the field of animation. Get in [ edit ] It is possible to enter Atyrau by air and by rail. They offer steaks and burgers, pizza, pastas and sandwiches. But Bekmambetov did not get to the world of cinema at once.

In other languages Polski. While the hours above list 4pm as the opening hour it is worth noting that the people operating the rentals actually show up between 4pm and 6pm to offer this service. Almost all actors, directors or producers dream of a career in Hollywood. Open all day and all night. The film was successfully advertised. Agyrau picture is based on real events that took place during the Afghan war.

Life in the Fast Lane Beautiful Atyrau

If hollyowod clothes, haggle for discounts. Taxis in Atyrau are commonly unmarked and there are no standard fares or meters. Not much info on this park yet.

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This restaurant offers Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and Continental cuisine.

One of the more affordable options in Atyrau however this hotel offers no food or bar. A village now stands where there was once an ancient city that was part of the Silk Road trade route. Not much known about this place as a bar yet, it seems they have DJs on the weekends. Local souvenirs, clothes, electronics, fresh produce and more.

The Bekmambetov’ family was rich. Good variety of beer on tap as well as UK style pub food. In particular, thanks to Mikhail Lesinsky, the director met Hollywod Rodionov, the president of the bank “Imperial”. No info on this site yet. You can leave Atyrau by air, rail and road. All rooms advertise high speed internet.


The town was originally built using wood, however after being plundered by Cossacks, the town was rebuilt using stone by the Guryev family who were the first to holywood a fishery on the river and extract Emba oil. A clnema success came to Timur Bekmambetov in the 21st century InBekmambetov began shooting his first film “Peshawar Waltz”, where he acted as a director, producer and screenwriter. Not much info available on drink selection yet. Atyrau Contents 1 Understand 2 Get in 2.

It is a major hub for the oil industry, serving both the Tengiz and Kashagan oilfields. Has an outside terrace. Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie Voight. The shops and restaurants in Ardager accept debit and credit cards.

There have also been occasional attacks on foreigners in and around clubs and bars at night. Rooms include ensuite shower, AC and balconies. Consequently from to the city was known as Guryev in honour of the founding family.

Not much information on this yet. They have good beer, which they brew in-house and a wide a variety of drinks available as well. Cinzano will be behind BTA bank. Timur Bekmambetov became one of them, and created a series of commercials “World History by Imperial Bank. Show the driver the money to be paid to confirm the price you are willing to pay before getting into a taxi or else the driver will likely argue for a larger fare. Relations with the first wife were not very good, and they divorced.

There, Timur worked as a production designer.

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