Butler Fieldhouse — Hinkle Fieldhouse —present. Graham House William N. The rain-soaked town shown briefly on the night of the state finals This town was Amo, in southwestern Hendricks County. Time magazine’s Richard Schickel praised the performance of Gene Hackman, writing that he was. The Bulldogs still play on the original floor, which has been used longer than any playing surface in Division I. Pizzo and Anspaugh shopped the script for two years before they finally found investment for the project.

Worthen Arena Ball State. The facility was scheduled to close at the end of that school year, and the students would move to a new school in nearby Trafalgar. Retrieved June 12, Graham House William N. The men’s basketball locker room has been expanded and Butler has a separate video room for the first time. And he knows a lot about human nature. Goldsmith used a hybrid of orchestral and electronic elements in juxtaposition to the s setting to score the film. The townspeople are passionate about basketball.

Joyce Center Notre Dame. The coach has one major requirement for Shooter: Untilthose games were the only NCAA tournament games firldhouse within the hoosiiers. Washington Post critics Rita Kempley and Paul Attanasio both enjoyed the film, despite its perceived sentimentalism and lack of originality. Gene Hackman stars as Norman Dale, a new coach with a spotty past.

Students flood the court following the buzzer-beater victory over Gonzaga. The fieldhouse was originally called Butler Fieldhousebut was renamed in to honor Paul D.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Knight-Errant Hoosiers,” Time Feb. Coburn Public School No. Milan ’54 Museum, Inc. As the ballots are being counted, Jimmy enters and announces that he is ready to rejoin the team, but only if Dale remains as coach.

Goldsmith would later work with filmmakers Angelo Pizzo and David Anspaugh again on their successful sports film Rudy. That includes nearly all hin,le the lower two levels except for some bleachers reserved for student seating.

Director David Anspaugh seems only marginally concerned with basketball hinkke Retrieved July 21, It is among the earliest of the major college fieldhouses, which, along with rules changes that made for a faster game, transformed college basketball in the late s and s. With the team having worked on a four-pass offense, Dale remains committed to this approach in the opening game of the season, even when Rade disobeys him and repeatedly shoots successfully without passing.


Gene Hackman also predicted that the film was going to be a “career killer. Debs Home Donald B. Fellow teacher Myra Fleener, who senses something negative in Dale’s past, warns him not to try to persuade Jimmy to change his mind.

The athletic department had been using it since then as a storage area. The property had been in the same family for four generations. In JuneAFI revealed its “Ten top Ten” — the best ten films in ten classic American film genres — after polling over 1, people from the creative community.

The townspeople are passionate about basketball.

John’s Church and Rectory St. At halftime and following the game, actors took to the court to shoot fieldhousw of the state championship scenes, including the game-winning shot by Hickory.

Time magazine’s Richard Schickel praised the performance of Gene Hackman, writing that he was.

Jerry Goldsmith was also nominated for an Academy Award for his score. Before the meeting, Fleener tells Dale she has learned from an old newspaper article that he was banned from coaching years ago after hitting one of his players.

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But with Jimmy scoring at the last second, Hickory wins the state championship. The Cedar Knob gym The gym of St. That’s quite an achievement. What makes Hoosiers special is not its story[,] but its details and its characters. Hoosiers is a sports film written by Angelo Fieldhousr and directed by David Anspaugh in his feature directorial debut.

InHoosiers was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Hoosiers was acknowledged as the fourth best film in the sports genre. The high school basketball state finals were played there until John’s Prudential Center Seton Hall.


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For other uses, see Hoosiers disambiguation. This too confounds the town, including Everett. The film’s producers chose New Richmond to hinole as the fictional town of Hickory and recorded most of the film’s location shots in and around the community. InIntrada Records released Goldsmith’s complete score, marking the first time the soundtrack has been released on CD in the United States.

It tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship. American Film Institute Lists. Shooter does just that by designing a play that helps Hickory uinkle the game on a last-second shot.

Dale begins drilling the remaining five players Rade Butcher, Merle Webb, Everett Flatch, Strap Purl, and manager Ollie McLellan with fundamentals and conditioning but no scrimmages or shooting, much to the players’ dismay.

Pizzo and Anspaugh shopped the script for two years before they finally found investment for the project. With Jimmy back on the team, the reenergized Fueldhouse rack up a series of wins.

Former Butler standout and current Boston Celtics player Gordon Hayward donated the funds for the renovation. This article is about the film. Worthen Arena Ball State. Hoosiers has been listed by many publications as one of the best sports movies ever made. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved August 26,

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