I thought the drama was great but a bit sad that it ended up to episode 15 and they had to rush everything and make everything one hour less, but overall, it was a nice ending. The whole breaking up scene a well.. What did i know then. Then again, he could pretty much be singing about monkey poop and his adoring audience would find a way to see the romance in it. It also has cultural conflict and family conflict. After one listen, she figures out that the song was written by Shin about her. I did really love a couple of the songs It has the potential to be staged in a musical.

The script could have been written better, but the overall feel was about youngsters in school. Kyu-won comes home that night to find that Grandpa has raided her secret stash of CDs โ€” sent by her father โ€” and broken them. She takes up the money to throw at him again, only this time he grabs her wrist to stop her. Cause actors did a great job! She and the Windflowers practice together, choosing a gukak rendition of the Habanera song from Carmen โ€” which is also the tune that The Stupids base their rock version on. What is with the Carmen fixation these days? I love yong hwa and psh and some of the extra characters like ki young, soo myung and the drumer kang min-hyuk. Not like when l watch City Hunter.

Cute, had a good run in dramacrazu middle, and then decided to shoot itself in the face just for some excitement. As eposode happens, musical director Seok-hyun is buddies with the owner of the live music club named Catharsisand is invited to stay for the evening show. I really want to watch how Shin is gonna prove his talent.

They go to Catharsis that evening. It didn’t for this drama, but in another drama Scent of a woman it did change.


I hope this will be a good show. I dunno, I think that 14 eps would’ve been better. This one – I will dramacazy and listen to all kinds of music.

Your email address will not be published. What kind of watching was ki-young was supposed to do regarding kyu-won? However, beyond all that, I enjoyed reading what you had to say.

I really enjoyed the first ep. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But in Shin’s and Kyu-Won’s perspectiveof course it’s more than big. Thank God for you recap But seriously, I thought they overused the main drama song you’ve fallen for me by yong hwa a little too much that now I’m so tired of it. And kyo won wasn’t that much dumb, she noticed there is something wrong with his hand. I had the same reaction when I watched this scene: I’ve gotten so critical of what I watch these days.

I thought I saw wrongly too.

YY June 30, at I’ll miss heartstrings, it’s been so long since I’ve watched something so refreshing This is one great summer of dramas we’re having: Menie Roque November 4, at 6: The Chancellor gives him a go, and Seok-hyun starts recruiting. No TaeKyung to take sramacrazy away from him!

You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 1 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Because no one was brave enough to step forward about their feelings, they ended up never getting back together dramqcrazy. But when she cries, and spews indignation, and shoots daggers at the assy hero? I look hezrtstrings to the next episodes. It probably didn’t help that I attempted to watch it right after the latest episode of City Hunter, which I’m heavily invested in. I agree with you!


Home & Garden: Heartstrings Episode 15 online free with eng sub korean drama

Thanks for the recep I liked most of the episode After watching these last two episodes, I realized I don’t quite know what this drama was trying to do. For me, the last half majorly hooked me in.

Was it the beginning of your trauma to avoid K-drama endings? Thank you for the recap! She got her arms around his waist!! Episode 12 by LollyPip. I haven’t heard of Song Chang-eui until I came across the animation “green days” where he dubbed the lead with Park Shin Hye. Do you usually do what your heart tells you to do? Though I really don’t think this drama has heartstrints that much into melo-territory, which heargstrings makes me happy not counting the angsty first heartstrinhs which just completely felt like a different drama.

PSH really good at crying and getting angry. Director Pyo Min-soo is a “genius”. I was bored, and then I became angry. I shouldn’t have jinxed it. I’ve seen Shin Hye’s kisses before and she is bad in kissing.

First time that I heard Korean instruments being played. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. It’s okay, one random stranger on the internet understands and wishes you well!


I just thought it was silly in first place for anyone heratstrings believe in it. Sorry, just needed to vent there for a minute.

In the past I wouldn’t even dream of fast-forwarding through a drama, but I now do it freely for those liberally scattered, lengthy introspective moments of no-dialogue.

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