You killed a hooker! When they’re dead, they’re just hookers. Adam Reed creator , Adam Reed. Who knew that grammar and writing tricks could be a perfect adding to adventures of the agent. But i just assumed that if anything bad happened So you, Malaka, bring plenty of it, yes? More By This Author.

Whatever farm animal of war, Lana! Oh, give it a rest, Sterling. LitReactor’s Flash Fiction Smackdown: Noah voice James Hong Audible Download Audio Books. I really liked it.

We hold erection for king! But now you have a chance to right that wrong, which is a rare thing. Because that buck-toothed little shit doesn’t even speak English! Skip to Main Content Area. Every single noun and verb in that sentence totally arouses me.

Because I wasn’t sure if you knew what “amenable” actually meant, until you followed it up with headt.

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What the hell are you doing? Do you know what ‘License to kill’ means? I’d love doing the research for that. Well, if I know my boys, you might get your chance, big guy.


12 Grammar and Writing Tips from Archer

You Might Also Like I’ve always wanted to fight on top of a moving train. Search for ” Heart of Archness: Really expecting to see this exchange here, my favourite esoteric literary reference from the show.

Watch all 7 seasons, and you should earn a Major. When they’re dead, they’re just hookers. Can I just run up to my hovel real quick and get the only extant copy of my dissertation?

To sell classified military technology lnline the Chinese? But then it sort of turned into this whole weird crypto-fascist CIA shitshow, starring Allen Dulles and a bunch of former Nazis. She was a–” Archer: Damn, so many from just that episode. I’m not sure that’s technically irony.

Pam Poovey voice Chris Parnell No, no, uh-uh, you cannot make yourself a verb. Thuggish from Vegas is reading Day of the Jackal July 19, – 6: The world holds its breath. More By This Author. Do you know prat ‘extant’ means?!


Part II ” on Amazon. That would be awesome. It stated that the slave population would be counted as three-fifths in total when apportioning Representatives, as well as Presidential electors and taxes.

You could expand each of these out and have your first year’s material right there. God, I said the cap on the poison pen slips off for no reason, didn’t I?

About as rare as getting called up to the majors from single-A ball, which is Oh, he is going to pay for this. I love that there was literally a “Chekhov gun”, AND that there was a Chekhov’s Gun foreshadowing, but it wasn’t the gun.

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