Hasmik Agopyan , Tatik Saryan , V. The ambiguity found in the figure of the angel expresses the instability of values intrinsic to our times, when the boundaries of good and evil, divine and diabolic set by humanity are shattered or eliminated altogether. However, he refrained from an exact depiction of his image. The director concentrates on the inner world of his characters and the mood of nature. The film is about the Bolshevik revolt in one of the Armenian Dashnak detachments. A young girl, a student, is upset by the hypocrisy and dishonesty around her. Such are our times. Banakum – Episode 3 Arm Movie Views:

Such are our times. This is the first Armenian film with the application of computer technology and synchronized sound. In the cameraman Ashot Mkrtchyan made a wonderful documentary sketch, following his own script: One day they see a buffalo in the bordering swamp. So the merry bus passes along the devastated streets of the town as a consolidated symbol of the people who never lose their ability to laugh. It has been honored at numerous festivals, most notably in Rotterdam and Karlovy Vary, and has brought the director international fame. Menq Enq Mer Sarer. Rage I min Horror 2.

Comical tale about how the coward Nazar who, as a joke of fate, appears to preside over the throne.

In one of his interviews he declared: Only in it became possible to continue work, and even then with an extremely limited budget, completing it in Another film by Mkrtchyan appeared in The composer is the jazz musician Armen Martirosyan, and the cameraman is Rudolf Vatinyan, who shot the whole film without any second takes because of the shortage of film stock.

Khachmeruki deghatune Drama 1. Levon IsahakyanK. This narrative explores the path of the human soul, the visible narration of the turmoil of its inner life, the human soul and its dialectic. MarutyanMarine Petrosyan. Deshbaxt Erjankutjun – Part 2. Spendiarov’s ballet “Khandut” and the recitations of S. Movie about a team of tunnel-builders. This is a peculiarity of his style, together with his unique outlook on people and life.


Screen version of Yervand Otyan’s “Comrade Panjuni” is powerful satire on demagoguery and hypocrisy of the Armenian politicos and political party activists. Avetik Drama 2.

Demqov depi pate 99 min Crime, Mystery 2. The main part in the film is hayiakan by the renowned Lithuanian actor Regimantas Adomaitis. The producer and cameraman Vardan Hovhannisyan scripted and directed the full-length documentary film A Story of People in War and Peace Mardkayin patmutyun paterazmi ev khaghaghutyan orerits, where he successfully interwove Karabakh war footage shot by Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan and Hovhannisyan with exciting stories of survivors.

In the s the documentary film industry took an interesting turn, reflecting life more ingenuously and becoming its chronicler. Unhappy Happiness-Deshbaxt Erjankutjun – Part 9, 10. Hovik Hakhverdyan made the full-length documentary The Country of Crying Stones Aghaghakogh qareri erkire, portraying the pilgrimage of Armenians to the historical country of their Western Armenian predecessors.

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The film was shot by cameraman Hayk Kirakosyan in his very idiosyncratic style. Pluzum 70 min Drama 2. Hrachia NersisyanS. Vortegh eir, mard astzo?

Pavel ArsyonovF. Rage I min Horror 2. The film also stands out by the attractive performances of the actors. In several mise-en-scenes one can behold the shadow of Komitas, if not his direct embodiment.

3 ընկեր / Ereq Enker / Ерек Енкер Full

The year saw notable activity in Hxykakan cinema: Thus, they sit at a table veiled in darkness, facing each other. A famous scientist, who was a scout in Germany during World War II, manages to obtain information on a secret German establishment. He reaches the verge of collapse, but this is not the end: Jivani appears on the screen as a statue; he is presented by his poetry; and his songs sound from time to time in the film. This effect is achieved through the presence in the episode of a realistic, tangible symbol: This is not accidental, since the filmmaker has entered the film industry after directing a number of documentaries.


Leon KukulyanG.

At Tribeca, Hovhannisyan was regarded as the best documentary filmmaker of modern times. Tasnerku ughekitsner 84 min Adventure 3. Karen DzhangiryanLaura VartanyanA. The action of the second film, The Disaster Aghet, unfolds in the earthquake zone, where the prisoners who have fled from the reformatory have come to search for their relatives.

The director concentrates on the inner world of his characters and the mood of nature. She looks for answers to all the questions that enmer her in the men who she dates, but nobody is courageous Levon AsatryanEdmond Keosayan Stars: The splashing of the water is edited in such a way as to appear as a continuous upward movement, with the movement of the fist cut into the sequence, an allusion to how time seems to escape us: Communication problems have a morbid nature in the film.

Gaykakan Paradise 70 min Drama 2.

Yeghish is returning home from the war. This film, which reflects the hardships of the transition period, required eight years of hard work to be completed. The film is about the establishment of a kolkhoz collective farm in a Kurdish village in Soviet Armenia. The events take place in the s on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In the harsh climate and living conditions, they built their own paradise, where they and their descendents will continue to live. After the disastrous night the buffalo has found its last resort again, in the border zone between the barbed wire. The cosmogonic music of Avet Terteryan greatly contributed to the impact of the film.

The film is about the Bolshevik revolt in one of the Armenian Dashnak detachments.

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