You might not, but I do. Most scenes are involved JCW. SushiBug January 7, at 4: Congrats for winning the “race”. Mad props to you beanie. Park Talk talk talk, then Sec Oh and the guy leave Youngshin, Moonho in politician meeting, and Junghoo ran to Youngshin rode car maybe Lovely scene in Moonho penthouse, and they must separate or thing like that Junghoo worked alone to got handprints of some guys, maybe gangs who killed Mr. We never know when a scene will be referred to later on. BTW so sorry if all this is discussed later in the thread.

I still want his heart to flutter when he is around CYS, and I want it to show. But he will the put the pieces together first. Writer-nim, please keep up the good work. He had previously said MS ‘knows his place but isn’t subservient’. That rooftop date was sooo sweet – it just killed me when he smilingly nodded his head during his confession, while never breaking eye contact with her. He is a singer, and in almost in each of his past dramas, he sang at least a song for it. And of course he will not have to layer so much, just the hoodie and cap would do, with gloves.

What we really want is a reveal to Moon Ho in such a way that he heaelr in Healer not only as a paid errand boy but as a person invested in YS’s well being.

Fitri Iphiet January 7, at 6: Min Ja gathers everyone at one place, while Moon Ho and Young Habdphone prepare for their interview to counter-attack. Going forward he is risking so much and this might very well be the point of no return and he knows it.


Rainerust Jung-hoo being sloppy: Then Young-shin and Jung-hoo arrive, dressed to the nines and strutting hxndphone like they own the place. Omomo January 7, at 3: Ivoire January 7, at But, the writer may not think so. I kept saying “dudeee every lil thing can get u into trouble,learn how to cover ur tracks”.

Fated To Love You!!!!!!!!!! That’d be a high-stakes business. Thank you so much for the recap, as always! I actually want that for Moon Shik. The only think healer missed to think about was MH finding it. The drama is already on live-shooting mode T. I still left a place for you anyway This drama is seriously crack. All the non-romantic conflicts relate in some way to it, and are battlefronts in the overarching war.

Michiki January 6, at 8: No wonder Healer chose to be closed off. Was Teacher the original “Healer” night courier?

As if he were fighting a losing battle between morality vs corruption in his head. But his ability to believe that ended the day he saw the same photograph in the house of the man who framed him for murder. And just curious at your lightning speed tis all. I so appreciated them. GB, you would know: This is the kind of show I want to live through, there is no better way to experience it. Jourdan January 7, at SushiBug January 7, at 4: Ivoire and hawoojinruinedme Let me help!!!!

Young-shin ddrama down to write the Healer an email contracting his services. She might have wanted to know why and where he was and what he had been doing.


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I just love that you can even sense that the actors are getting along, and enjoying what they are doing. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Thursdaynexxt Hey, great to have you with us!!! Min-jae returns to her post and the ABS broadcast cuts to pre-recorded clips, but the damage is done.

The bad guys make you dramx to swear and put their heads in the toilet or do something violent. Definitely if they can be found, I’d like to drag them into our Healer Support Group gutter and have them stomped upon in the drool!!!!

What an up and down episode! Growingbeautifully Actually, Ivoire is famous in other drama threads that she post her comments to.

Healer got Hwang’s recording for YS, but only the reporters really knew that there was such a recording. I haven’t been able to keep up with the lightening pace of the posts this week. If that was the mistake Healer made, it is a good one to make, for what it does for the narrative of hqndphone drama.

Now THAT is romantic.

Download Drama Korea: Healer (2015)

I just know this site. Myung Hee’s reaction just convinces me that there are more layers to unpeel regarding the alleged murder of Gil Han – what is this murder? I will settle for a text preview!!

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