I just wish they gave either show another 2 or so seasons. Man this is dumb I hate Slice of Life. School Idol Project 2. I have never had to wait this long to get 50 likes Where as Log Horizon is less personal and more political.

All the previous books were only weeks apart And to be fair – compared to other anime they’re quality isn’t that good. He figured it out. You can type whatever you want in and it’ll link it. There is no fourth movie the first episode? Literally everything comes into play – over and over again, so it never feels filler. Got 30 seconds in and was thinking this is one awesome anime he also forced me to watch Boku no pico while on corp comms.. Gratuitous nudity within the first five minutes?

There’s something about Touma you need to come to terms with to enjoy him: As in, I can find another similar shows after watching something I like rather than having to wait a whole week for the next episode of an american show because there isn’t anything else out like it. The story itself, if that’s your focus, is completely cliche. Schooldays I haven’t seen but will check out.

Curse these yuri goggles!! Ooichi’s drop kick has probably been one of the awesomest, and most insane things I’ve ever seen. How many times did they “power of friendship” their way through the battle with the death dragon thing on that random island?

It’s not true that there’s few to enjoy, here’s a list of romcoms i put as must sees for the genre: Also I’m adding usagi drop to the list. I’ve seen one about a guy whose sister they were like dating or something committed suicide cause she was being bullied or something and he was trying to find answers by raping the people involved about 3 im pretty sure and having it live streamed to the internet.


Can’t get enough of the desudesudesu And this season I’m watching Wakaba Girl. Caught up on Log Horizon. Hear it has a decent plot twist near the end. Personally, I liked Railgun better.

ナオミ・アステインのブロッグ: Anime

Probably the cutest girls to date found in an anime I was expecting to hatewatch it going into S2 but I’ve been thoroughly entertained regardless. Fairy tail is one of those shows that’s hard to put down once your in it, and the soundtrack is amazing as well. I can’t make GIF’s, so I’ll ask you the same thing. Death Parade – 1 I had some pretty fundamental problems with this episode, I don’t think they fleshed out the characters enough to really justify the ultimate decision when things reached the conclusion of the episode.

Hanayamata Episode 1

Kiss anime and gogoanime are alright as i get no pop up ads. Actually, that’s a little innacurate. I don’t really play the game anymore, but the ISK will come in handy for when I do, lol.

ankmewaffles I often find that a good intro song means a good anime, but I have never watched an anime that had a great intro but was a crap show. Actively fluctuating between hilariously poorly written female protagonists that suck all enjoyment from the show, some really questionable choices from the director, and oh neat super duper alien battles.

Well then, carry on. Immortal John Ripper wrote: My suggestion would actually be to watch this one up to the Sisters arc, then go back and watch both seasons hanatamata A Hahayamata Scientific Railgun, and skip Index’s Sisters arc. Sword Art Online is still in the air. Leave the Dust Forums 2. I’ll get some laundry done, maybe pick up a few things from the store, clean up a bit I saw so many absolutely insane gifs from it, and I just had to know why they were so weird.


I didn’t really find it to be very comedic, and it’s much more serious in tone than a lot of other ones. There is something off about this show. Mongolian Chop Squad i don’t wanna jinx it either, but its definitely the one i’m enjoying most right now. The Boku no Pico joke is kinda old isn’t it? The only one of those I’ve seen is Spice and Wolf. I want a slide show of every face punch in the series.

Total eclipse Code geass OMG you are such a plebeian baby. Well guess more like encouragement. You cannot watch a show like Fairy Hanayyamata and not expect ‘unlocked’ powers.

Go to your favorite streaming site for anime 3. Trailer for the Parasyte anime is out: With things like Family Guy you can watch as little or as much as you like.

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Don’t miss out on this one, Funimation has it up on their youtube channel as well. My brother has been pestering me about this one for awhile now. When it comes to movies there are very, very, few good anime ones.

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