Show all some hidden. You must login to comment for this series! The current possibly unrealistic for my brain, but I’m hopeful plan is a chapter at least every other week. Beautifully drawn and a good story, if a bit simple: He knew that it would all be over if the man managed to get him in that car, so he bit down on the man’s hand and tried to run away. He jumped down from the top of a nearby wall and kicked out at the men’s heads. Kagero is way, way too needy for my liking.

I’ll go to read ch2 now: But in looks only. No matter how much he hated it – was terrified of it – he could no longer escape. Kagerou, arrogant and commonly known as “the princess,” and Kichou, easygoing and the complete opposite of Kagerou, fight like cats and dogs. It was most likely the latter case. Ai de Yoru no Junjou http: Log in to vote! Try out our new iPhone application!

You were kinda slow, and you always followed me around everywhere.

Doushiyoumo, Young Man, Oujisama, Hanafurirou – BL Collective Dramas。

However, when they first arrived at Hanafurirou, they were so close hanxfurirou they always used to sneak off and hide together in a storeroom. We’re finally at Kichou and Kagerou’s story!!

Thanks for your hard work, and good luck with translating the novel: Everyone else wants to go. However, Kichou didn’t have that same unapproachable aura that Kagerou did.


Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou

The chapters in this book are shorter than in the first one, so that’s one plus. I would totally recommend it.

Unlike Kagerou, his hair was brown and he had large, bright almond-shaped eyes of a much lighter color. Then he started at the neck and moved upward with a gaze like he was licking his way up the side of the neck. He’s almost never going to be referred to by that name anyway he’s usually referred to by his real name insteadbut even so, calling him Firefly when he is referred to by that name would sound Adameku Hana,Taorareru Tsumi Hanafurirou 5: I’ve always wanted to know what happens next.

I mean it is not based on the real historical seriew When the man faltered, he slammed hanqfurirou him, and the man fell to the ground with a thud.

I read this because of Sherry’s recommendation it just took me a while to get all the books. Carpets covered the wooden floor, and far side of the front room contained nothing but a silk covered chair embroidered with gold thread. Can you upload it?

Return to Book Page. This happened in some make belief time frame, place or alternate universe. Trivia About Mede Shireru Yoru The brothel fed them, but not quite enough to satisfy a growing boy.


So you also have the shoujo archetypes of “distant but possesive” male hanaurirou and “weak indecisive” female lead. In Yoshiwara present-day Tokyo during the Edo Periodthe laws against prostitution were abolished and brothels were restored in the red light hanafuirou.

He had huge black eyes 1double lidded and long and sharp like they had been carved out with a chisel. This man was just as beautiful as the first I really enjoy these posts, so, thank you so much for doing this. ,anga grabbed the third, and may return for more, thank you! Dungeon Seeker – Chapter More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Last updated on January 18th,6: Now he was having a hard time believing what he was seeing.

The plot is very cliche. Yoru no Tobari,Hakanaki Yawahada http: All the other ones had crazy freaky hanafurirrou scenes in ever chapter. His plan was to return to the brothel all by himself, but before he got more than a few serise away, someone suddenly grabbed his arm.

Kagerou, arrogant and commonly known as “the princess,” and Kichou, easygoing and the complete opposite of Kagerou, fight like cats and dogs.

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