His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends. Bijou is afraid that Hamtaro has gone forever. The Ham-Hams decide to have a midnight party to cheer Mimi up. Sandy talks about it with Bijou and Pashmina, and they tell her to never give up and to never change her feelings about him. Dragon Ball Super ends its episode run with a glorious finale. Nande Yanon ” Japanese: Marron is keeping Boss and Snoozer awake at night, so Hamtaro takes temporary custody of her, but he has to keep Laura and her parents from seeing her, and she won’t stay put. Both the students and the Ham-Hams help to clean up the garden, but Laura loses her pendant that has her feelings for Travis written inside.

Maxwell is appointed teacher, but the Ham-Hams quickly grow bored. Sandy is mad at Stan but Stan is worried about his sister. Hamtaro becomes curious of what Dr. The Ham-Hams save her and watch the fireworks. Is Brandy going to talk for the rest of his life? Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make a kite.

Boss and Snoozer want to get a gift from Santa. Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make a kite. Most of all, Episode makes it clear that epjsode Goku may be the hero, his friends are equally as important, not to be forgotten as relics stuck on the sidelines.

From that moment on, Penelope is absolutely taken with Herbert. Will Lapis forgive her sister or not?

Afterwards, he tries coaching them in soccer, with a fight resulting. But her mom won’t let her. What should we add next?


Hamtaro (Dub)

Seamore meets Barrette, and develops a crush on her. Sandy is mad at Stan but Stan is worried about his sister. But it turns out that it was Dr Lion’s monkey, Pepe marrying the female epislde, not Flora. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally breaks Kana’s sketch and Kana returns home early.

Luckily, Jingle and his faithful wanderer companion, Herbert the pig, happen to be in town. Boss becomes Hero-Ham, a mysterious hero, and no one seems to know it’s him.

Omoide no Ehon ” Japanese: Confiding in Howdy, Hannah asks him to find out how Dexter feels about her. They are taken to a place in the woods where they find Oxnard, and they meet gardeners named Eggy-P and Tomy-T. Elder-Ham is reunited with Auntie Viv. When Bijou’s owner Maria begins struggling with dpisode piano lessons and recital, Hamtaro and his fellow hams decide to bring Maria out into the open fields to relax. She begins to like Hamtaro and tries to capture his heart to make Bijou jealous.

Tottoko Hamtarou episodes (Anime TV – )

Dai Henshin ” Japanese: The Ham-Girls and Boss help Flora. It’s up to the Ham-Hams to fix it!

Yoshi proposed to Charlotte. Having him work with Goku during the final battle and how their teamwork complimented the overall theme of friendship and trust made those last moments even better.

Hamtaro goes eisode find him, but Boss yells at Hamtaro, saying he wants to be left alone. Yoshi and Charlotte’s farm, and the Ham-Hams try to take care of it, but the Chicky-Chickies hassle them.

Tottoko Hamtarou

Meanwhile, a storm is brewing and rain threatens to wash away our furry friends! Once he saw him Hamtaro convinced him to go back to the clubhouse and Laura’s mom came back home.


Nin-Ham falls out of the sky and tells the Ham-Hams he has a special mission so they won’t think he’s clumsy. Hamtaro is revived after a time and rides a “steed” Brandy through the sky and successfully defeats the magician. Later, there is a typhoon and Laura’s parents can’t make it home, so Hamtaro decides to be like a knight and protect Laura from the storm.

Meanwhile, Laura wants a dollhouse for her gift and gets it.

Every scene received world-class treatment in care and the final battle hit all the right notes to add unexpected tension along with a satisfying conclusion. While Boss is looking for the ball, Cappy asks about Boss’s tunnel. NSFW hhamtaro this case, refers to ecchi.

Robo-Joe has a new feature; digging! Ikoi no Heya ” Japanese: They both decide to play hide and seek in the tunnel.

It is later revealed that cat belongs to one of Laura’s classmates, Mia. Laura, Kana and Maggie are helping out at Mimi’s school, and Maggie’s bear cub Kumajiro goes missing at the school.

Meka Jirou ” Japanese: There are also boxed sets of 27 episodes with six to seven episodes on each of four discs. Laura finally finds Kana, and they also watch the fireworks. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

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