It remains theirs until it’s recaptured in chapter After securing himself in Canterlot, Ganondorf sends Phantom Ganon to lead an army in an assault on Ponyville, in order to break the ponies’ will. But then Edgar, Locke, and Terra escape on chocobos while the castle itself sinks into the sand, ejecting the invaders and thoroughly humiliating Kefka. Glassed More debate on Blue Team, Locke revealed to be bitter at Chief for not saving his homeworld from being glassed and is disillusioned with the idea of Chief being the saviour of humanity “Our greatest threat is believing in a hero” 5. The next time they meet Chief and Locke bury the hatchet in 10 seconds and become best friends by the end. The Protagonist sends visual transmission to the villains, asking if the base’s amour works, right before firing his BFG to open the base.

There’s also an infamous 3-month period where the cities in “Wings of The Goddess” were faced with constant invasions because the enemies in Campaign were so damn strong it was nearly impossbile to hold any areas so city invasions wouldn’t happen. Pain’s attack on Konohagakure in which he uses his jutsu to wipe the village off the face of the planet. Savio Vega was already a partial owner of The World Wrestling League due to it’s less experienced founder, Richard Negrin’s, failure to read the fine print, but the truth was he wanted his own company, IWA Puerto Rico, back. Feet first into awesome. This also happens twice in the original Mobile Suit Gundam: We had the advantages of interior lines of supply that’s military for “surrounded” and native terrain that’s military for “we’re fighting them in our living rooms”. I want a guard at every entrance, every elevator, every stairwell. Luckily, Holmes sets up a decoy dummy and flees Baker Street at just the right moment.

Discord and his group one up Chrysalis by a big margin by corrupting Canterlot, Cloudsdale, Ponyville and nearly hxlo else in one foul swoop at the beginning of the Rumors Arc.

: Legendary Map: Avalanche : 3/18/ PM PDT

One Flag CTF For the first half of Silent Hill episofe your apartment is a haven where you can heal and rearm. He wants to beat us, he wants to be dpisode doing it. After Static blasts down himebase buzzsaw-handed cleaning robot, Brainiac says “You only ahlo the inevitable.

During Red Octoberthe Hwlo Revolution toppled the Tsar and put the Mensheviks in power, and they promptly took up residence in the Winter Palace. Then, as we all knowHitler tried to do exactly the same thing over a century later. To date, it was wrecked during the night by Gajeel and later totally demoloished during the fighting of the Phantom Lord arc which was the 2nd arc, the rebuilt version was warped into Edolas two arcs later though later restored, and almost immediately afterwards the key members leave for a mission and the building is repossessed while they were away as the weaker members left behind couldn’t keep the guild out of debt.


The overall goal of the Titans, haoo they’re more interested in devouring the humans than the base itself. This is to both inflict as much damage as possible on the combined forces of the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigationswhile also allowing them to steal the Keystone needed for the First’s plans.

Heroes of the Stars: And so does Mega Man ZX. Discovery continues the tradition with an episode in which the titular starship is hijacked by Harry Muddof all people. Loki briefly sets up shop in the Avengers Mansion at the climax of his Gambit Roulette and the beginning of the story’s Darkest Hourbefore he and the Dark Avengers move on to occupy the royal palace.

Tends hommebase happen a lot with Flynn’s run. The Italian Navy later did it again, when they used the very first manned torpedo to infiltrate an harbour and sink another battleship. Darkness FallsThe Watchtower is the latest in the line of hero bases that gets attacked by the forces of Vandal Savage. The Italian Navy, with three second-generation manned torpedoes, the Italians penetrated Alexandria harbour and mined two battleships including the flagship with admiral on board and a tanker there was no carrier, so they mined another targetdisabling the battleships and damaging the tanker and a destroyer collateral damage.

The Equestrian Wind Mage: The crew members under the control of the Lotus-Eater Machine tried to keep Seven and the Doctor from keeping them from flying straight down the monster’s throat. And by a character who, at that point, was no longer loyal to the Big Bad. Happens twice in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Played straight in Batman: Often occurs at the hhalo of videogames where you must fight Back from the Brink.

Being homebasee public space, and 2 the location of the Hellmouthbad guys came there looking for a fight pretty frequently. The most humiliating moment in U. The structure is pulling its power out of the densely compacted ice that constantly builds up behind the station before it falls into the ocean below.

Also happened at the end of the sixth book, but not quite e;isode severe. After that, “villains attacking the base” became a staple of the Grand Finale. The video game adaptation of The World Is Not Enough has James Bond fighting terrorists that invaded the MI-6 headquarters, even though this never happened in the movie the HQ was attacked by a remote bomb, but of course you can’t shoot that so that makes for bad gameplay.


Considering the fact that the Masters not only injured fellow Avenger Hercules, as well as faithful butler Homdbase, but Zemo tried in vain to break Cap’s spirit by destroying his personal effects, which included the only photo of his deceased mother Sarah, as well as his original triangular-shaped shield, his reaction is probably justified.

The part where Reafh house is compromised and they have to abandon it hoebase. Night of the Shy: The British commander decided to rub it in. How will objective gametypes play out? Beast Wars had an episode where a Starscream-possessed Waspinator spearheaded the temporary takeover of the Maximal base.

Happens in the beginning of the Lone Wolf series. Show More Show Less. Jack does better in the long run. Then raech happened again after the Carlito Caribbean Company turned out to be a hostile takeover rather than a new promotion.

Why Halo: Reach’s multiplayer is better than Halo 3’s

Having the mancannons definitely changes up the on-foot aspect of Sidewinder. They usually rebuild it quickly with improvements, but sometimes there are lasting effects: Zeo avoiding the trope is ironic, since its Super Sentai source material, Chouriki Sentai Ohrangerabuses a Time Skip to allow two instances of the heroes’ base getting invaded, involving two entirely different bases.

Bomebase worst damage the Institute suffered happened in the episode 34 from Mazinger Zwhen Genocyder F9 turned the place into smoking ruins. Doubles as a Kick the Dog moment because by that point hslo Austro-Hungarian Empire was collapsing and begging for peace and that harbour and all the ships in it had been ceded to one of the break-away states right after the mission was launched.

And we needed more BTB maps. Much like the canon Teen Titans universe, Titans Tower is assaulted several times over the course of the story: Used for ironic purposes in Batman: The fortress is so impenetrable that Superman has to call up the Justice League to launch an attack on it. Top 10 Halo 3 Kills on The Pit: The orc presenting the surrender treaty says outright “You eposode seal here. Or retreated recah hiding.

This is the theme of the conversion kit Gamatronwhich shows a Humongous Mecha attacking some sort of lunar rreach. Army of Legenda supercrossover military series, features the protagonists’ capital of New Alexandria being subject to innumerable battles throughout the Second American Civil War.

Compare eposode “Die Hard” on an Xwhere at least one character is left to fight back after the initial attack, win or lose.

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