The script is so strong it will turn you bipolar. I am also starting to get irritated from the females who save the village and co-habitation savage sectarian men. The intelligent dialogue, interspersed with repartee between the female characters is refreshingly entertaining, offering a peek inside the mostly segregated Arab society and humanizing a population segment often portrayed as meek and subservient to the other sex. October 29, at 4: Notify me of new comments via email. Farewell to Europe It is funny, clever, moving and cheeky and illustrates quite clearly that we are all human beings, despite our colour or creed and we should all simply learn, finally to get along!!!

However, peace is only apparent since violent conflict seems to arise within a hair’s edge. The changes in their country’s politics ultimately take all three on a journey across the ocean to New York. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is a very positive film, well crafted in all aspects, scenario, shooting and most importantly, depicting the characteristics that makes any society special, yet part of the eternal human quest for a better life. Cheers to our mothers. Sofia, 20, lives with her parents in Casablanca.

While there are some humorous things here and many of the musical numbers do take things to a whimsical tone, there were also many touching dramatic things that were also effective to me, if not as much to my mom who didn’t seem as touched.

Should we kill each other?! I Read some reviews by people getting offended from the somewhat engaged references to religion, well, they are the main target of the movie Mona March 27, at 2: Before Dawn charts the years of exile in the life of famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, his inner struggle for the “right attitude” toward the events in war torn Europe, and his search for haola2 new home.

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It brings out the best in you, as a Lebanese, sitting in that cinema chair for ninety minutes. Her aunt danced something close to this.

W Halla2 La wein also in French: It was lying around along with a few other French films because a friend wished to watch them to improve her language. I too expect to love this movie too.


Where do we go now Lebanese movie

It was a bit from Mars. There are no pirated versions floating around yet. This is a beautifully executed story that will get you angry, sad, confused, enlightened and amused as it unfolds before you. I am also starting to get irritated from the females who save the village and co-habitation savage sectarian men. Hi Everyone, I live in Canada.

As sectarian haola2 starts elsewhere in the country, and the men begin to squabble and bring out their hidden weapons, the women try whatever they can — fake religious visions, hash pastries, a bus load of Ukranian strippers — to preserve what seems to be a recent and all too lx interlude of peace.

Some like Nadine Labaki’s previous movie, Caramel, were a huge hit with viewers. Christophe Offenstein Stills by Sam Nessim.

The changes in their country’s politics ultimately take all three on a journey across the ocean to New York. The Guardian criticised the premise that should women in the Middle East be empowered, conflict would not exist. But as Nassim is killed in a skirmish between Christians and Muslims while on an errand in a nearby town, the women are faced with a real test of wills.

Ktir helo, smart, funny, intense, real, emotional, Lebnene w lhelo eno byonhadar marra tenye! And this movie deserves an Oscar win. But the power of the film is the message of compassion and the desperate need to re-think the omnipresent crises that tear the Middle East apart. Et Maintenant, On Va Ou? An unnamed village during the later part of the 20th century has its only connection with the outside world in the form of a very rudimentary bridge, around which landmines had been planted and never removed.

I sure cant wait either! Now that I have, I must say I was quite bemused at the way the whole thing was depicted, that being the way a war between two different religions in Lebanon is being averted by various of the women in the way they treat their men and the way they do little things to keep them from getting out of control.


There is everything in it, but I’m not sure if this is necessarily good.

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At last, a Lebanese attempt that makes it worthwhile. But when a stray bullet kills the male child of one of the mothers the division stops, the mother hides the weni child, attempting to keep peace until silly arguments among the youths result in the discovery that the endless bilateral taunting has resulted in a tragedy.

But as the film closed I was left with a blank face FuadHalwani 12 December And you cannot but love every moment of it. Things seem to run as plannedtill a fight happens between the two teams again and young nessim is murdered afterwards outside the village. The score of the movie is chilling and haunting and wonderfully executed by Nadine’s husband Khaled Mouzanar.

Roukoz lives with Nassim’s family, and it is made clear that Nassim has lost his father. Of women still in black, who fought with flowers and prayers instead of guns l flares, and protect their children.

Nadine really is an exceptional personal check out who does her makeup http: Does anyone have any idea as to how I can watch this movie?

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So if you have read this far, saw those other films, and liked them, you likely will like this better. Never have I imagined a Lebanese movie can turn out this good and she makes it seem effortless. The script is a gem. While watching the movie you will go from laughter to sadness and emotions. The movie that is a very nice mix of drama and comedy, will have laughing at one minute and almost weeping at the next.

I live in Canada and even though it premiered at the Toronto film festival, I have NO idea when and if it will show in theaters.

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