So Bad They’re Good 80s Movies. Maxim once voted ‘Gymkata’ the 17th worst film of all-time, but honestly it’s pretty entertaining. This isn’t one frame out of context. And so it is that John Cabot guarantees the destruction of the human race. Add the first question. What do get when you combine gymnastics along with karate? Post Share on Facebook. Never Too Young to Die

Moreover, this film offers a wondrous wealth of gut-busting howlers: But John Cabot shows them all that male gymnasts really can be badass A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida’s narcotics trade. Bad sequences, choreography, and directing. Zamir determines that Cabot Sr. Cabot wins The Game , there is peace in Parmistan and apparently, the movie lets us know that in the first U. I don’t agree with the critics on this movie, I seem to enjoy it well enough. Zamir Edward Michael Bell

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You see his dad was another quasi-government agent, who has gone missing competing in this game, called, eloquently, “The Game. To sweeten the deal though, the S.

But Clouse shows admirable restraint, instead showing us the passion these two people share for each other in a way that invites us to contemplate how love can bridge cultural differences. The result – Gymkata! Thomas makes his way to a town center, finds a pummel woret and begins gymnastically taking down people. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Add me to the weekly newsletter.


Many other competitors from all worsg join, but only one would win. As soon as I saw the title I immediately remembered the movie as if it were last week. Here is when Clouse’s mastery of the film medium shows: Gymkata takes that a bit No, YOU got your karate in my Two years ago, a young woman named Valerie was burned after entering a tanning salon.

The cheesy element made it work in a weird way. It is here we are introduced to the King of Parmistan, The Kahn.

Do they have to navigate it? Thomas is in what appears to be a crumbling old village. You can track me down, find me, insult me or even kill me but to me,this is a classic well after Cyborg with Vand Damme ; why? More Top Movies Trailers.

But any given “Ninja” movie will give you much more entertainment, and you won’t feel as guilty about laughing. Realizing that “competitive gymnastics” might not fully prepare Cabot for enacting vymkata brutal coup in a hostile nation, the Special as in “Olympics” Intelligence Agency sequesters him for months of rigorous training. Plenty of gymnastics, plenty of ninjitsu.

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He kills one of the other competitorsmoives Zamir and his army do the rest. Alfi Kabiljo’s rousing score and Godfrey A. In a sense, it is nothing more than the tale of Romeo and Juliet, modernized. This site uses cookies.


The kill of Karate! First off, as alluded to, this is an action-epic type of movie with definite parallels to Enter the Dragon. A gymnastic Tour de Force for Thomas. The quality was bad, but the plot was excellent. Add the first gykata.

You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. The Kahn apparently as no other name.

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First, Cabot realizes his father is gykkata alive! We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Almost erased until I stumbled across it on the IMDb! Hey, you got your gymnastics in my karate!

When I think about this movie and Enter the Dragon, I can’t help but think that Clouse truly just was not trying with this movie. Anybody who watches this film and gives it less than 3 out of 10 is a fool who has completely missed the point. I hope cable brings it back with this release. This movie wasn’t the best made, but sorst was the best thing to show what you can do to combine the best moves to make the ultimate martial artist!

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