Like in the scene where Tan comes to her hotel and she postpones her trip or her good-bye at the airport, you can literally see her eyes go from dead-fish-arrogance to hopeful-and-vulnerable. Tan offers her a solution: My favorite part ever as well! Everything about this drama makes it seem like it should be good but it isn’t. I want to see more of the rest of the gang though. Ivoire October 20, at 4: So why is he still engaged to her?

It’s not a bad drama by any means, but really Over-analysis spoils the experience. Why treat his brother so badly? They’re like the not-so-bestfriend best friends! That’s why he can’t open that kitchen door. I may have to revise my former fascination with Young-Do. When you think you know everything about the person closest to you, it hurts to find that they kept something that big to themselves.

To use someone else’s analogy, it’s like a chef who always produces interesting, fabulous gourmet meals – and then one time you go to their restaurant and you get a soggy veggie burger. It is too much of a stretch to accept them as teenagers.

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Sorry for the long answer, but the dream element of the show is very interesting symbolically to me. This is guzzyady of side-topicing, but I love the actress playing mom, but I don’t like her in this role. But because she’s the housekeeper’s daughter and he’s the master’s sun, he can’t pursue a relationship. KDaddict October 17, at We can watch the drama by trying to see things from the char’s POV, or we can keep complaining that things don’t make sense from where the stand of a commoner from overseas.


He chuckles and sits down next to her, curious. He would have had to do that to himself.

But I am surprised noone has mentioned yet in any of the discussions how this show is similar to Gossip Girl. And if it’s on tape, she might see it. Very true about the kids mirroring their parents.

If that is the case, then KT would be even more hurt, because it would mean that he knew his brother’s love at some point, and so he KT knows what he is missing out on, and KW is missing out on a lot as well. We’ll see how it goes though. What is the point of the extended bullying scenes? Kae October 17, at 9: Love Chan Epizode and Bo Na. Do you know what GF meant here, please? I was enjoying this episode until that last scene. And the assault lawsuit, dafuq was that? I was wondering whether I’d like Young-do more if I had some prior Kim Woo-bin love, but since this guzzylayd the first show I see him in President Obama follows you on twitter?!

They often have issues you know. Won is a mystery to me I do not get why he is so mean to Tan ES – because he likes her. I actually enjoy this drama. Hello Chintu, I really loved your analysis of the characters in this drama.


And because they feel wronged, they find flaws instead of little gems.

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Which is the way most modern arranged marriages work these days. So far, he looks more like a puppy who wants to be accepted and loved by his hyung and by the rest of his family than like someone who had done something wrong, and created death or something bad as a result. I want Young Do to actually change There were many, many examples of this, but for me the clincher was the flashback to his youthful fight with Kim Tan.

Kim Woobin’s friend, aka Myungsoo, resides next to Tan’s house. She snaps at her mother to have fun taking photos without her, then storms off to confront Young-do about it, finding him post-judo practice.

ES mother could there be a connection to ES life? Ichiluver October 31, at 4: Kim Won is so funny loved the way he delivered the lines he actually came across as a nice guy tho on surface level his words sounded mean.

I found myself saying, “really? Thank you so much for your vote of confidence! But how great is it that Tan has finally confessed.

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