He appears to be on good terms with Mandy, being one of the few authority figures for whom she has full respect. She usually ends sentences with “baby”, as Irwin does with “yo” and his father with “dude”, which seems to be suggesting a family trait. Mandy smiling is shown to be the end of the world; in the episode “My Fair Mandy”, after entering a local beauty contest against the queen bee of her classroom, it was revealed that all of reality would be humorously, psychedelically distorted, resulting in the series swapping premises with that of The Powerpuff Girls , another Cartoon Network animated series. September 19, [9]. This very rare darker side of his personality was finally explained in the series last episode called Heartburn. Archived from the original on October 12, This article needs additional citations for verification.

After dispatching Horror with ease, Billy, Mandy and Irwin reach for the Hand, but it defends itself by making their worst nightmares come to life. Although generally good-natured, he has occasional fits of stubbornness, violence, and rage, which shows insanity that even Mandy seems to fear. Sperg is the local bully , who picks on Billy, Irwin, Pud’n, and other kids to no end. Harold was much more intelligent in the first season but has grown in stupidity in recent seasons. Archived from the original on September 22, Grim recovers Horror’s Hand, and at the same time his sentence is revoked, becoming the Reaper once again. But when Billy brings Myron outside to his backyard, he gets eaten. He speaks in a British accent, and is blind in his left eye and has a scar beneath it, giving Billy the assumption that he is a pirate.

In a fit of anger for what Boogey had caused, Grim used the prototype scythe in grum spectacular fashion to scare Boogey off. Grim is mistaken for “Sister Big Mama” and gets adopted by a convent of loving, bell-ringing nuns.

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He speaks in a British accent, and is blind in his left eye and has a scar beneath it, episodee Billy the ajd that he is a pirate. Boogey decided to tamper with the ballotsand Grim in turn decided to help Velma by filling the ballot with votes for her, but she got the impression that Grim was the cheater and ran away.


This article has multiple issues. Boogey gets hold of Horror’s Hand, but he turns out to be the least scariest creature ever, seriously injuring himself, and being abandoned by his own crew. Fred Fredburger is a dimwitted, pale green, bipedal furry otherworldly creature resembling an elephant with stubby horns and the tail of a devil.

In spite of his lack of significance in the series, on a couple of occasions he has played a key role; his body has been overtaken supernaturally on two occasions in the past; once by an intellectual tutoring spirit known as a bookworm to help Billy in school and on the other instance griim an enraged, vindictive Mandy, whose body had been possessed by a clowning Billy earlier in the episode. After John Vernon’s passing, Toadblatt’s voice and entire character design was entirely changed for the next cartoon.

Billy has a wide curiosity which gets him into situations he often can’t get himself out of without Grim and Mandy coming to his rescue. He has also been known to have an allergy to pies, which causes his face to swell up.

Dracula talks in the third-person. Mandy arrives at Billy’s house and knows Number 1 is not Billy, and tortures him into revealing the truth.

He elisodes a husky boy whose preferred method of terrorizing other kids is by administering his lethal wedgies. In the episode Order of the Peanutsit mancy stated that Nigel was the last heir to the Planters Peanuts Companygiving an explanation to his terrible track record as a wizard. Robert Alvarez and Phil Cummings. Like Claire, he is very afraid of Mandy and she seems to have a mental control over him.

Son of Nergal/Sister Grim/Go Kart-3000!

August 23, [6]. Maxwell Atoms and Mr.

Pud’n loves dolls, bunnies and flowers. She wears a red-striped sweater and gray pants. June 23, [13]. Ed, Edd n Eddy: Halloween Bash adventrues, aired on October 12, Halloween Bashwhich takes place a year later after the series ended, he has grown facial hair. After trying to recover a talking carton of chocolate milk from Jeff, Billy and Jeff get into a fight, and Jeff looks angrier than ever before. Keep track of everything od watch; manyd your friends. Hoss is a year-old spectral exterminator; a hunter of paranormal creatures.


Velma was the scariest contestant and she was getting most of the votes over the pathetic Grim and the Boogeyman. Grim decides to make a cake for Billy’s birthday, but he and Mandy end up making a Devil’s Food cake that comes alive and began wrecking the kitchen.

In Billy and Mandy’s Jacked-Up Halloween, Grim let Billy use his scythe as an accessory for his costume, only to have it stolen by Jack-o-Lantern, who as it turns out is an old enemy of Grim’s. Well, of course you’re cold! He always wants people to see him dance. Maxwell Atoms and Alex Almaguer. Although generally good-natured, he has occasional fits of stubbornness, violence, and rage, which shows insanity that even Mandy seems to fear.

From George Washington to George W. Share this Rating Title: Friendship is a necessity. Oddly though she keeps Billy as her companion and makes nrrgal of him whenever he is killed accidentally advdntures to his stupidity. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat They play Pictionary where he draws Abraham Lincoln, but no one guesses it.

He is immune to the effects of Horror’s Hand as he already lives his greatest fear everyday living with Billy and Mandy, but he stated he turned it off upon obtaining it, so there may be something he fears more. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? She was a spinster who had experienced four-and-a-half-minutes of love in her “pathetic, lonely life” before finally finding her match in the equally-lonely demon Nergal.

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