According to Grevil he graduated the Academy and the way he was shown at that part suggested he was noble. Add – More Free! Suddenly, the elevator rolls up to the top floor, or the current floor. Add – More Free!: I gotta give it to Kazuya today. Add – More Owari no Seraph. Now enters our main character of Gosick, Kazuya Kujo. As Victorique said, the culprit hurt herself while putting that wire, so she committed the crime before being known in the school, which is smart of a culprit.

I do also consider the possibility that Avril herself got wounded because she is a accomplice. And even if she didn’t because she wanted to carry out her plan and die with Maxim, her family should have still known she was terminally ill, and again, shouldn’t have sent her to a boarding school in the first place. Check it out, or I’m getting the dogs on you. BBCode Simplistic beauty can’t be appreciated by someone who looks for something grand in everything he watch. Add – More Angel Beats! Add – More Akatsuki no Yona.

Both the head and the body are travelling at 40 mph with essentially the same wind resistance.

Maybe Maxim died of a heart attack. He comes back with a counter-attack and our first fight begins!


79 Best Gosick images | Gosick victorique, Manga anime, Drawings

I think this episode was just amazing. It’s our blonde pretty boy!

Not going goslck read 4 pages, so someone might have already pointed these out Kujo is so far a generic slapstick “smack around” male that will still come through when it really matters. Add – More Kore ga Watashi no Goshujinsama.

However, this episode is a little slow and could easily bore people.

The flashback starts again. Okay, it wasn’t after this. If it however turns out that those cases were all lies and in fact some kind of big mystery was responsible for all that then this show wouldn’t be a detective story at all. We also find out our heroine can’t leave where she is without permission from the inspector. Add – More Shiki. A dart arrow shoots him in the head, dead center. Add – More Hakuouki Reimeiroku. Or consider the episoed title for another.

I got epissode type of Detective Conan flashback. He probably has the weirdest hair I’ve ever seen.

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Grevil’s first statement is rejected right away. It just made for a more dramatic opening of the crypt. It seemed like she also knew that there was that book of the ‘golden fairy’ in the crypt. You’re protecting a girl you just met a few days ago! If the anime actually knows this, I’d have no problem, but besides loli everyone seems to be braindead as they are all amazed by the most obvious things.


The bike probably traveled no more than 30 feet after the decapitation. Add – More Claymore. Add – More Shokugeki no Souma.

Another pose of Victorique I liked due in part of her being serious. Given where they’re from i.

Also, Kazuya and Victorique – awwwww! The maid comes in and shoots the keyhole with a convenient pistol at hand. The inspector begins to tell the story with a maid, manservant, and Roxanne’s daughter. We get some more back story and we get another cute scene before the ending credits.

Gosick Episode 4 Discussion

Add – More Karin. Add – More Wolf’s Rain. I can say I’m in the middle.

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