According to the man my voice slipped. Hasret let me give pastry to those kids. The fridge has really broken down now. You cannot take the risk, the best one must play! He had the same print t-shirt on. You are the one who wanted my help! It is a divorce request. You have come on the right time, I was going to call you about that.

Or were you going to say something else? You don’t come by home much anymore. Its good I brought it. I love that song. I did not understand a thing. If you have called me for this you know my decision. Ya If I get rich I will buy flowers from you every day!

He probably did it because he was pissed off at you.

I will leave you to it. No need you have your Balcicek! Sections of this page. Did you like her voice.

I found the clarinet player you wanted. No I did not. He studied abroad in Europe. No thank you Hasret: If I go there and ask for my wallet I do not think they will be so welcoming so there is only one way about this.


I read it in the magazine? Quite a neighborhood huh?? I was waiting in the corner in case he tried to do something to you. Ya If I get rich I will buy flowers from you every day! You go on of to your fancy neighborhood. You will see the wedding.

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And you think I am making it a big deal? Oh boy it is really your sister Hasret. You told me you could teach me yesterday. I am so happy to meet you.

No, I will go out in a little. It changes for each matter.

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Talked about my voice. I will give you a clap on the head.

When I listen to a singer. I think instead of losing time here you should go and ask him why he has not told you this. There is no need, you go to that house and sit and think what happen, and I will end up just with this cup being broke in my hand.

How can something you prepare be bad anyway. You search for projects suitable for you and I will continue my search for a good singer. Your voice capacity is not even enough for this song. You are the one who said such ones can be.


Woman in the car: Let your voice be free, let it be mixed with the air. Hasret pats her pocket where the wallet is… Hasret: This will never change. So I said alright, when I went there I saw your friend. The structure of your voice is like this. Hey, when we reach the street we can go out. From now on I can take care of it too.

You will feel sorry in a minute when your singer friend arrives. What will you give me?

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I could be a singer and earn money. Come on Florist Girl!

What shall I do? Is this mr Cobra? There has been a call to us. I am your best friend Murat. Girl who thought Hasret was a bulyarian

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