All the 5 main boys were well choosen D; I think Kazuya is cute the cutest part of Gokusen2 but I think Gokusen1 was better much better and the actors fits better in there roles my option I don’t like gokusen2 very much: Reviewed by Inai on 3 January But if you only want to have a good time and you don’t want to philosophize about it, then this drama is perfect for you! If you really liked Gokusen 1, don’t waste your time with Gokusen 2. Comments by donna [Rating:

Teppei Koike was so adorable and Mocomichi is hit. Comments by calico [Rating: Comments by donna [Rating: It was a refreshing and funny drama and it was nice to see Yankumi again with a new bunch of guys. So fights are not realistic too. Reviewed by whatever on 13 April Wanted to, but didn’t like the first one nor this [Rating: It was original in its own way, though, and I still found myself captivated by it and rushing home from school just to continue watching it.

It was humoristic, really funny.

Comments by jjpsychic2 [Rating: My liking for this drama is probably influenced by my love for Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya.

Curious about why Yankumi is so strong despite her looks, Ogata and Kazama’s group decides to follow her home, and gets the shock of their lives when they discover who she really is. The ratings of this show says it all I definiately like this one better than the first.

Gokusen Episode 1

Kumiko asks the class to behave for her evaluation test but no one shows up for class on the day of the evaluation. Kumiko Yamaguchi, the year-old granddaughter of a yakuza boss, becomes a teacher at Shirokin Gakuen, an all-boys high school. Trouble arises when one of Yamaguchi’s students, Kumai, is accused of stealing money from the school. But I thought it was a bit choppy and short Yankumi’s always couldn’t get a partner because the teacher that she liked went to other town.


The story is that Yamaguchi-sensei once again takes in charge to teach on a high school, to class 3-D – the troublemakers.

I liked Gokusen2 more than the first one. Many students voiced out to the superintendent how Yankumi was able to change all of them and has taught them many great lessons in life, threatening to drop out of school if they don’t reinstate her. Reviewed by aznanimedude on 27 February It feels like it was just made for the sake of making a sequel, and doesn’t really have anything new to offer.

Everyone found out that Sawada Shin has a younger sister and Shin actually lives alone after bickering with his father. Kurosaki was involved in a violent incident and normally, Kurosaki would get off with a suspension, but the Coach made him quit to preserve the reputation of the team and the school.

Gokusen () – MyDramaList

And the high school teacher is sooo unattractive I felt it to be very formulaic, though. Gokusen 2 was fun and great i was really disappointed though because there were only 10 episodes. Specially Sawada, he is the only leader of 3D. hooddrama

Wonder how it managed to win the awards. However, the idea of the first series was not very strong and the predictablity and patheticness of the story-line really means that this peisode is not even worth thinking about.

If you’re looking for a believable plot, cast and production, then you won’t like it and it’s a 5.

Taiwanese drama ep 1 eng sub

Shin’s sister, under a lot of pressure from their parents, decided to go to a dangerous club. In the end, I loved it as much and maybe even more. It would have been better if they had been put into a different goofdrama, so that their talents could have been better showcased.

She has great chemistry with the lot of actors who played her rebellious troubled students. The review section may contain spoilers! D are great singers, but not sure if the song matches with this drama It’s really teach us something.


The characters are lovable dork, and I actually grow to admire Yankumi in the end. I wish that YanKumi’s love life could have advanced. Reviewed by summershine on 22 November I don’t understand how she can win the award for Best Actor for this season, it doesn’t take a genius to pretend to fight the way she did.

Then some people from the Ooedo group come and help. You actually got to know more of the students than in here.

Comments by aeri [Rating: Sawada Shin found out about Yankumi’s family. Yankumi comes back and teaches 3-D kids from another school gooddram important their lives are and how you can be successful if you stick to your goal of graduating. Drama taiwan Skip Beat! Apr 1, – Jul 3, Network: Top Actors Add New Goousen. But before that happens, the students prepare for a trip, having to be very cautious that they don’t get into trouble or the students may be expelled and Yakumi may be fired.

But Nakama Yukie still did a wonderful job portraying Yankumi and the main five kids did a good job also. I actually dropped a few tears when watching the end. After leaving the school Kumiko is kidnapped and Shin goes after her while Kuma goes to get help from the class. My Dear Boy Ep Engsub: The Yankumi and Sawatori scenes were hilarious and Kame and Jin led the cast reasonably well although I felt Matsujun and Oguri Shun in the first series had slightly stronger cast interactions.

I’m also a big fan of Nakama Yukie.

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