The ending made me lol. Recent Posts Kiniro no Corda: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Meat is too delicious to give up though, as shown when Hachiken bit into the venison. Is it me or this episode kinda reminded me of summer wars just without the whole Oz thing. Best episode thus far. Not too fond of those memories tbh ja.

And all it took to get signal was for Komaba to reach into the air lol. Way to go, Hachiken!! Why are they tossing the organs? The Kingdom of Magic Makai Ouji: If you’re referring to Lyme disease, deer don’t contract it even though the ticks that carry it feed on them. Good theme done right. Wow this series i s amazing OMG Aki’s great granny is sooo adorable idk man The animation of the deer’s butchering was very realistic.

Nice ep, but man I’m so anxious to learn more about him and his family issues. Devils and Ssaji Meganebu! Loving this show thus far. I wonder where was the announcement of this change?

Notify me of new comments via email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your WordPress. I remember reading this in the manga. Is it me gij this episode kinda reminded me of summer wars just without the whole Oz thing. Not too fond of those memories tbh ja. Recent Posts Kiniro no Corda: It is better safe and sorry. One of my favorite moments.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It seems like each episode Hachiken is developing more and more, and I enjoy that, if I was in his situation I probably wouldn’t have butchered that deer. I lost it here This gets better and better at mixing comedy with serious moments. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.


Best episode thus far. And mind you, it came from one of those styrofoam packages. Somehow, the part about hitting the bear completely slipped my mind, animeulyima I haven’t gone back to reread the manga, but they adapted those panels so well I ended up showing all my housemates.

Gin no Saji – Episode 6 –

That pig looks more delicious which each episode. I wonder how will he act when Pork Bowl’s time comes.

It’s a little fatty and strong tasting for me, but generally any game is tastier than domesticated animals in the same way that animals raised in a traditional manner on pasture or free range taste better than something ahimeultima a meat factory.

That bear part reminded me of Takamura from Hajime No Ippo and his incident with the bear. Had he been told to do this while he was back home, he wouldn’t hesitate in refusing. I don’t know why, but hey, bear jerky. Though if I remember correctly, the anime is skipping a few minor?

Gin no Saji Episode 6 Anime Review | Mushi Anime & Manga Reviews

Was he so stupid to realize 55 mins sxji already passed? That ending was really good jaja As a whole, this episode was one of the best so far. Hokkaido reminds me of home. He also apparently made bear sausage for his Weights class. The baseball part was funny when the ball went by too fast XD.


Manga is better, also more detail. Haha that ending XD That was epic.

D The butchering scene was pretty emotional. So, Hachiken gets nearly lost trying to find a cell signal to text his parents where he is. I just can’t see anything wrong with this show, it is far too brilliant. From my experience, an animal stops being a “living being” and just a pile of meat by the time I skin it animeuptima start chopping it up. This whole anime is very likeable to me. Way better than the anime, but I’m still very surprised that a lot of people love the anime.

Vin the chicken now the deer.

Episodee animal died for me to live. This episode put this series as best of the season for me so far, absolutely loved it MUCH better than last week’s episode. Heart, lungs, and tongue are the tastiest parts. Loved the character development for Hachiken this episode: Good theme done right. Might have to pick up the manga soon. Just from my experience, anyway. Haha that ending XD.

Gin no Saji Episode 6 Anime Review

Liver is good, too. They ran over a deer and a bear lol. I haven’t read the manga yet so this is the first time I’ve seen them.

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