He used to host the very famous as well as controversial Inaam Ghar. Retrieved 12 December Meanwhile, Zaini is caught having drugs. It is the one of the highest-rated Pakistani television series. Meher further creates rifts between Meesha and Bano. Finally Farjad arrives announcing that he has takeover all kingdom and decides to put Shah Baba and his faithful behind prison. Retrieved from ” https:

Meher further creates rifts between Meesha and Bano. August 6, Leave a comment Views. Moreover, Dado also denies permission to Meesha. Meesha meets a woman in prison who tells her to escape away from shahbad. As Farjad approaches Zaini, she makes him run away as a thief. At Shahbad, Shah Baba shows his whole region to Aimee. Adhoori Aurat Episode 18 Preview. Adhoori Aurat Episode 17 Producer:

Afshan is back in her home thankfully and her mother is just as proud and haughty as she has always been. GEO entertainment has always been providing its audiences with amazing and most entertaining comedy dramas.

Relationship starts brewing between Mayer and Zaini. Meanwhile, Shah Baba orders to decorate his mansion for her good luck arrival. The drama had high rating and was second only to the wildly popular drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Roman gives her tips and asks her to ignore him as much as possible.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies. Hardship of Meesha begins as Meher and her daughters treat her ill.

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Roman convinces Meesha to get her out of troubles. Dado confesses her desires to Roman for Meesha. Meanwhile, Zaini is caught having drugs. On 13 October the show finally debuted for its first episode on Geo TVthe show had gain much response from the audience and it was among the top dramas of Pakistan, with the total of 19 episodes the series ended on 13 March The sole purpose of all these programs is to provide the audience with entertainment and awareness. A heated argument takes place between Meesha and Bano.


Meanwhile, Meher, after seeing Roman asks Suraiya to send him to her home so as to do small house works. At Shahbad, Shah Baba shows his whole region to Aimee.


Conflict arise between Meesha and Dado. Mayer insists Shah Baba to let him go. Geo News is meant for news. As Roman leaves for city, Suraiya stops him by blackmailing him saying wpisode she will tell about his love towards Meesha to Mayer.

Maryam has finally crama and is back home. To tease Zaini, Mayer starts using Meesha to tease Zaini. Watch Top Comedy Dramas Pakistani. As she becomes late, she takes shortcut via boat along with Mayer. Once again Meesha sees dream and finds Mayer chasing her. Shah Baba decides to go to Meesha himself to take her.

The episode starts with a small girl, Meesha who has a horrible dream. Roman wants to work so as not to porve himself wrong to world eyes. It is a portal that gives ordinary Pakistanis a chance to make videos of events from their surrounding and then share them with other Pakistanis. On other side, Roman likeness towards Meesha increases.


So Shah Baba decides to keep Meesha with her. Programs on GEO entertainment include Dramas, comedy sitcoms, morning shows, Tele Films, fashion shows, talk shows, Game shows and many others.

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Learn how your 117 data is processed. One of them is meant for sports transmission. Suraiya once again tries to get Roman gfo marry herself by again blackmailing to which Roman responds by saying to her to tell truth to Mayer.

Bano asks Zaini to come to her home and help her in work. Love blossoms between Farjad and Aimee. It started with only one channel. Rifts between Meesha and Bano continue to grow. Roman accidentally spills water on Zaini hair so to prevent her from going to Bano. Like all the other entertainment providing channels, GEO entertainment has also provided its audience with a number of Tele Films. Real hardship for Zaini begins as she has to constantly serve Dado.

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The drama was shot in the beautiful areas of Nathia GaliPakistan, because of which many people were attracted to the show. Farjad continues his search. The drama is a modern retelling of Cinderella story.

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