The king’s waigher more than yeres twenty. What I gave I have, what I apent I had. Will all be dust, and may not make me awetl. To join OB three, we ihould do bkeaBinga want. And in , in St. For the brethren and sisters of this fraternitie. Death enjoys this stone. Independent in spirit m well aa fortune, And unambitious -Jike of station and of fame.

And a glorious seat on high, With the souls that never die. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Cenotaph means an empty tomh: Aa Youth bad made onr Master’s Calling one. The reaolution of the elementa of our bodiea haa frequenll; been adverted to in monumental inacriptions i — At EdmoDton ; — Ov John akd Aidt Kibtoit. Vita mihi mortia, mora Titaa, janua facta est, Solaque moiB mortia rivers poaae dedit. This must of necessity be true ; the universahty of death commands it. She threw around old age An aapect at once amiable and Tenerabfe.

Or me to God shall recommend, God make his paradise their home.

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Yet was content ivitli only deserving them. Again, how frequent has been the complaint of writers of the illegible, ill-preserved or altogether annihilated inscriptions upon monumental tombs, the possession of which might have served to solve a doubt or dispel a mystery. And then down, ah I down fell this sturdy oake. Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or parta appropriate for all viewers.

Albtn’i, on au Abbot whoae name it appears ii expreialy omitted.


Fall many a snitor sought her father’s hall. By bis affectionate congregation. In Engliah the inscription reads thua: And the itrictest integrity.

Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or episore appropriate for all viewers. In Barnataple Church, ob. Thohab Mube, born in the city of London of an hononrable though not illuatrioua family, waa jet very conieraant in literature ; who after he had for eome yeara, nhile young, pleaded in the courta, and acted aa judge in the Sheriffa’ Court in the city, naa summoned to conrt by the invincible King Henry VIII.

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At Kingeton upon HdU, ob. Robertus Straitonus pbarmacopoeus monumentumhoccseden- dum curavit, sibi et charissimis conjugibus Jonetse Duncans et Isobellae RoberUonae ; quarum ilia fato functa est A.

The king’s waigher more than yeres twenty.

My late friend, Mr. Johnson’s monument, tells us that he re- members once having made an observation to the celebrated Edmund fiurke, that ” it would be no bad definition of one sort of epitaphs, to call them grave epigrams, fiurke repeated 1 This monument is placed pareta the chancel of Uatton Church, and reads thus: On a brass eipsode William Chicbele brother of the celebrated Archbishoppatrea Beatrice his wife, in Higham Ferrers Church, Northamptonshire, of the date of John, the uicestor of the ViscuunU Jlolingbroke: In our country the law offers protec- tion to these memorials, the builders of monuments having their remedy at common law for any injury that may wantonlj be done to them, and the heir of the deceased can institute m prosecution against aach offences.


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Respect, Mesaea, Charitie made BoantifiiU. Vice Admiral of England.

Bandinel, the Librarian, who required, ou the part of the Trustees, that payment should be made for the use of the Copper Plates! On a brass at St. Each drop a Pearl will turn To adorn hia Torab of, if tbon canat not vent, Tium bringat more Marble to his monument. Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. It is in Latin, and states that after the custom of our ancestors without the bounds of Lbe city and near the highway, in an elevated tomb near to this place.

Una dnos fratrea tumnii capit nma, dooaqne Uua diea naaci vidtt, et una mori. But he mtist down, allhnugh ao much divine. In the apphcation of his general knowledge To the charactera of men and the events of life. There are, however, examples iutroductor; to lliis change to be found a short time previously, one of which I have met with in Dodsworth’s MSS.

In many parts of England, Roman Mortuary Memoriab have been found. What I gave I have, what I apent I had.

Nor envy of man’s boasted liappineas ; But spring for ever glows lerenely bright. Therefore prepare, for die yoii niuit.

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