Programming Level Default Security Code Event Logs are available only for Atlas units. Atc Setup When any of these digits are displayed, it indicates the following: Purging can be done for units eventually, to be converted to metric mode while the unit is in the gallon mode. For example, detecting fuel leaks that may occur, belt tension and belt condition, lubrication and strainer cleanliness, are all important to maintain safe and efficient unit operation. Page 8 This page is intentionally left blank. Preserving The Finish As a result, it is necessary to give the finish a reasonable amount of care if an attractive appearance is to be maintained. Verify if both lights are lit.

Normally not used, as grades should be programmed using the POS. Refer to the following tables to determine the date code on a Gasboy pump or dispenser: Collect fuel in approved containers. Accessing The Electronic Components Loosen the two screws that secure the display panel, remove them if necessary, and pivot the display panel down. Torque all meter bolts. On A and Q models, this switch is ignored. Don’t show me this message again.

Some fuels, especially diesel, may wash away general purpose sealants. Perform a hose continuity test. If the pressure at the base of the dispenser is substantially lower, it indicates that the dispenser is functioning correctly. Improperly installed or maintained equipment could cause a fire, explosion, or electrical shock.

Series 9800 start-up error codes – Gasboy Atlas Fuel Systems Owner Manual User Manual

Page Labor cost for your area may determine your service philosophy. The remote fuel dispenser models have satellite-compatible piping to make the fueling of saddle tanks more convenient. The kit contains enough top seals to service ten 10 meters. Shut off power to the unit and any involved STPs. The unit must be secured to the island properly. To calculate gallons or liters per 980, multiply the volume dispensed by four. Page – Table 4: The potential hazard of fluid spray or leak exists when working on the hydraulic system.


Page 8 This page is intentionally left blank. Not all codes are used for the Atlas. If the valve hydraulics require service, the service technician can remove the diaphragm without removing the coil or conduit atlws. It includes specific safety information, typical testing procedures, information on related components and common service procedures. The interface can be ordered and installed at the factory.

Setting switches SW through SW configures the Pulse-out rate required by the monitoring equipment. Remove the piston head screws, and then remove the piston head and cup.

Programming Level Default Security Code Totalizers provide a cumulative total similar to the odometer reading on a vehicle. Purging can be done atkas units eventually, to be converted to metric mode while the unit is in the gallon mode.


When the series unit is in the Online mode, connected to a CFN or TopKAT, transaction error codes are transmitted back to seriew system with the completed transaction data. Pulser Name Side of Unit Shut off all power to the unit. A 13 mm universal socket makes installation and removal easier. Gasboy recommends the following services for average or lower than average labor costs.

All liquid-carrying lines must be checked for leaks. Page After the pumping unit is drained, replace all plugs using a non-hardening UL-approved pipe sealant suitable for the type of fluids being used.


Gasboy Atlas 9800K Series

For proper service, the technician must possess knowledge of the functions of components and how they relate to the system. Always follow all safety Warnings and Cautions.

Repeat the above steps for the other Side, Grade, and Price Level. The duplication, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized use of computer programs or documentation is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise licensed by Gasboy. Remove the spring and valve. Always follow all sdries warnings and cautions.

Use of other parts will void warranty and could affect unit conformance to various national, local, or state codes. Important Safety Information Gasboy Authorized manual, where additional hazards and safety precautions for Service Contractor or call the Gasboy Service Center at 1- your task will be found.

Fuel Dispensers – Gasboy

Start-up After successfully verifying the installation against the completion checklist, the unit is ready for start-up. Gaaboy meters, as needed. These codes can be modified by the user by the use of command codes. Bolt the meter to the discharge casting. Certified Training includes instructions in safety procedures, use of test equipment and common tools, wiring requirements, and electrical service procedures.

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