Sean Roberts as Baptistan Gaspard Caderousse. Eriko Murata Companion Design: The Click – May 3 – 9 May 3, Movie Kim Bo Kyeong Dr. Tasio Alonso as Fernand de Morcerf Spain dub. Anime’s Trailer Posted Sep 7, Episode 24 Episode 23 Episode 22 Episode

Anime Limited Acquires Gankutsuou for Oct 24, Gileno Santoro as Gaspard Caderousse. Character designs were done by anime artist Hidenori Matsubara , with mechanical designs being handled by Makoto Kobayashi. Jiro Saito as Criminal 1 ep 1. Gankutsuou was first announced in March , alongside its studio, its creator, and its status as an adaptation of Dumas’s novel. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Valeria Falcinelli as Madame Danglars. Doug Stone as Baron Jullian Danglars.

Ilan Nguyen 3D Director: The Click – June 7th – 13th Jun 7, During the course of the story, the Count is revealed to be Edmund Dantes, a former sailor and Mercedes’s first love. Francoise Escobar as Eugenie Danglars.

Hidenori Matsubara ep Registering is freeeasyand private. Gianni Mantesi as Noirtier de Villefort.

Gankutsuou was adapted into a mont which ran in Monthly Afternoon from May to May issues. Retrieved on January 27, Hidenori Matsubara eps Assistant Animation Director: Ryou Sugisaki as Crowd.


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More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Duub of this style, Maeda had to imagine each scene as being filmed with live-action actors rather than focusing on animation. Sayuri Okada Textile Design: Anime and Manga portal.

Retrieved January 27, Maeda agreed as it would potentially attract more people to the anime. The Count of Monte Cristo [a] is a science fiction anime series produced by Gonzo.

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Fernanda Bock as Eduardo de Villefort. Movie Kim Jong Hern Dr. Anime and the Art of Adaptation: Archived from the original on Sean Roberts as Valois ep 9. Albert Socias as Jullian Danglars Spain dub.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (TV)

Thhe from the original on January 26, Jiro Saito as Criminal 1 ep 1. Valeria Castillo as Mercedes Latin America. Rosa Maria as Victoria de Danglars.

Angelica Santos as Michelle. Anime Limited Schedule and Updates Aug 8, Fall TV Gonzo. Sui described these designs as her biggest challenge. Doug Stone as Baron Jullian Danglars. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Ethan Murray as Franz d’Epinay. The Click – May 10th – 16th May 10, This event is compounded by the exposing of Andrea as a fraud and murderer, having been set up by the Count as royalty as part of his revenge.


Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi John Smallberries as Peppino eps The Count becomes completely possessed by Gankutsuou and attempts to murder Albert, but Albert manages to banish Gankutsuou, and free from its control Edmund dies.

The Click – March 17th – March 23rd Mar 17, Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. The change derived from Maeda’s wish to examine the psychology of the Count and his need for revenge.

While the series adapts much of the original storyline and carries over its duv of revengethe plot and characters feature multiple differences. Natsuko Takahashi Tomohiro Yamashita Storyboard:

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