The first few minutes scared me. Boss Jo walks Mok Dan down the aisle, and Kang-to takes her hand. Totally love the hand-holding moment. Autumn August 29, at 9: The Rie and Kang-to scenes are so beautiful, whereas the Rie and Shunji scene are crackling with tension. The reson why I cannot hate him.

Ivoire August 23, at 9: The ending boggled my mind. Mok Dan perks up at the name. This episode had me in tears for almost an hour. Replying to my own post I know it’s lame. And bravo, drama, for tackling on the issue of ‘comfort women’.

All the characters were too far gone to go back to who they were. I was thankfully not. I can’t say that I feel any kind of empathy for him. And I tend to use ‘extreme’ hypothetical situations to emphasize how much I dislike the character.

On his way down the mountain, Little Bro Min-kyu stumbles into Dong-jin, having survived for days alone in the woods. I think I expected so much from him his “mini-redemption” if you will that I was that much more disappointed when he was just taken out so simply. Sorry for writing an unpopular opinion. That’s another thing I enjoyed about this show. Please enter your username or email address. I will get my heart break for Rie.


Thank you so much gf. She says Father taught her that power was everything in this world, so where else would she go? The first few minutes scared me. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Bridal Mask: Episode 26

D Anyway if the show is going to end up tragically, I do hope it will end with the similar tone as Hong Gil Dong, even though they all dead, at least the hope lives on. And then… she says that Shunji is hurting too.

As he heads out, Kang-to casts a long look back at his friend …emy. Someone he loves so much, died by his own hands. This was a pretty intense episode, and this is coming from a drama where intense is the default setting.

Gaksital: Episode 22 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I hope she doesn’t die because by now, I think that might be pointless. And where is Baek?

Gahhh Shunji is super smart people!!! They were some talented people in this drama, in front of and behind the scenes. This episode made me cry an ocean!!!


I’m starting to be convinced by the detractors. Even more so when she asks to see Shunji, with no explanation. He feel guilty he ever opposing his father.

For all we know, Orangy could be dealing with some serious matters in her life, not that it’s what I wish for herand can’t currently finish her recaps. I completely agree with you.

I can’t help thinking about Teacher Shunji and Comrade Shunji. T I think she deserves more action and I’m disappointed that she’s just Episoed fear for this couple.

Gaksital: Episode 21 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I kept thinking back to their conversation where Shunji basically scoffed at Gaksjtal goal to dominate East Asia. I too believe that Hae Sook a. Taro too, for consenting to his servant’s granddaughter to be a “nurse.

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