And what is not known about subjects. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The teacher must also identify what is the best material that she should use to present her lessons. She instructed the students to guess every number that she will show to them, whether it belongs to the happy face or to the sad face by raising their smileys facing the sad face or the happy face. And I want them to familiarize the parts of that system as well as to be acquainted with its functions. What are its weaknesses?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What are its weaknesses? What difficulties, if any did you encounter in making the handouts? It was my first time to make a board display, thus I still need to improve and practice those skills for future. Fs3 episode 6- sarah jane cabilino 1. I am very much knowledgeable and capable of using these technologies in searching specific topics, interactive games and useful references that I can use for future references. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It must have also 1 design or theme for the whole slides to avoid confusion.

First, it should have the theme which is appropriate to the topic and the learners as well. Most of it was announcements, activities or events in school and hte The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly and clearly understandthe information were arranged past to latest and the materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time.

Posters The printed materials Familiarization of new are posted near the concept or information to b. It cs3 be very effective if the viewers or students perform the task being posted. The teacher must give proper instructions to the students. Mary Angelie Madrona Signature: Learning resource center was a facility within a school which was operated by a specialist and containing several information sources.

Alvarez for your cooperation and to your students who also gave their cooperation. I just practice this skills every time I do art works such as making scrapbooks and etc.


It will consist of trivia and task for the students to do. Web site also contains photos, graphics, trivia, and classroom connections. How can this be managed? I really appreciate your utmost effort in facilitating and checking my errors. Yes, the guidelines are pretty much simple and the teachers can easily access the materials because the in- charge of the facilities is always around.

Board is made up of wood, no cover and there are postings in bond paper mostly coming from DepEd or has a seal of DepEd on it.

Board displays were located in front of the canteen, near the faculty room and also near the entrance gate. Some chalkboard has pictures posted on its sides that are used to motivate students to participate in activities.

Resourcefulness of the teacher may contribute to the beautification of the board.

Dearest, if only you had been in the nergbhouihood, I would have invited you over for some. Which of the skills do you already have? What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center?

It is aware about the whole e.

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Time — the duration of travel from home to school Distance — the amount of space travelled from home to school Speed — the rate of travelling from home to school It will also include a map showing the hypothetical route from home to school of a certain student.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 6: SLIDESHOW BIZ (Slide Presentations)

The books inside the library were properly arranged as environmwnt their types and functions. I can also insert pictures, video clips and even sounds. At the end of the discussion, if we still have time, I am going to have some some sort of evaluation or a short quiz about the topic or it could be that I am going to give them assignments about plural forms of a given noun or they can list down the plural forms of their chosen nouns tehnology many as they can.

It must have also one design or theme for whole slides to avoid confusion or any misconception. A good handout must be concise and can be understood by the readers.


Why epiwode I have to spend when there are already appropriate resources available? As this sweet is so dear to us. Hopefully, when budget warrants, they will be able to obtain more resources to fully establish their science, arts and basic education curriculum.

FS 3 by Nicole Shen on Prezi

Through this, the students will be attentive and participative in the lesson and it brings convenience to my part. To educate is to become a better educated. The intervals between them is what is known as a perfect fifth the learnimg between the lower note and five lines and spaces above it.

A good slide must be short. Read an article about your answer in number 3.

FS 3 Technology in the Learning Environment

Board display near the entrance of the gate was covered by a class, so as to give protection to the content and materials used. The bulletin board should display students activities or anything that involves the learners.

It was inductive, learner centered and activity oriented. A learning resource center was only good as the resources they have and the person running it so if a learning resource center has insufficient or outdated resources it will be weak.

When students get confused, I must provide guidance and directions, guide questions and activities or scenarios. Colors and arrangements catch and hold interest. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.

The smileys caught the students interest 2. Best features of my proposed bulletin enhancement: It is circular process that improves with time; I believe the responsibility of educators is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in academic, business and personal arenas.

In my own understanding, she wanted to let her students be attentive and be participative in their lesson and let her students utilize their analytical skills.

I feel I need to learn on how to play some musical instruments to impart other skills to the students.

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