Meet the new season. Music by The Human League. Remember to keep your donger covered while cooking. It’s not at all scary. Also a reading of forum. Phoebe’s ex singing partner Leslie plays at Central Perk.

Add to Watchlist Added. Chandler and Joey ponder a possible threesome with Chloe Angela Featherstone , whom they both are attracted to. The boys take it real easy on the Christmas Eve of their th episode. Music by Tomas Dvorak. Monica uses her free time after breaking up with Richard to make jam and considers artificial insemination through a sperm bank. Ross reveals his sexual fantasy to Rachel, which involves her being dressed up in Princess Leia’s bikini from Return of the Jedi. A classic sitcom that reflected the lives of six twentysomething friends: Music by Emilie Simon.

Curse of the Potatoman.

Music by Francoise Hardy. A show about nothing, hosted by idiots. Wanting to pursue a career in fashion, Rachel decides to quit her job as a waitress.

Music by Oingo Boingo. Share this Rating Title: Ross is desperate for forgiveness, but Rachel refuses and ends the relationship, leaving both of them devastated.

It’s not at all scary. La La Friend 6.

“Friends” The One with Phoebe’s Ex-Partner (TV Episode ) – Cast – IMDb

Sign up Log in. Ross wakes up the next morning full of regret after sleeping with Chloe, and agrees to get back together with Rachel, who later driends the truth.

Join us this week for Oscar talk, storybook s3d14, and discussion of the Mass Effect 3 demo. Join us as we relive our time acst The Grey, do some deep-space dungeoneering, and champion the merrit of our individual twitter accounts. Music by Ace of the Base.


Ross misses a panel for the Discovery Channel to help Rachel, who may have a broken rib, and she is amazed and impressed when she learns what he gave up to help her.

Music from the Shatter sdtk. Merry Hoobastank 4th of July! Friends seasons American television seasons American television seasons Friends season 3 episodes.

S3E19: My Best Friend Short Circuit

Monica’s willpower is tested when she runs into Froends at the video store. Joey used to date Ginger but accidentally threw her artificial leg into a fire and ran away. More road thoughts with Bob, homemade candy, and other things I cannot remember.

Ross is in a hurry to get everyone dressed for an important banquet fast the museum but everyone keeps delaying. Chandler uses a hypnosis tape to quit smoking, but it is meant for women, which causes him to act feminine.

Bob loses track of a spider granting the spider infinite power and Dan is smug about his new, fancy phone. Wow, like Rachel in high school. Phoebe is on hold for days with a company she needs friensd talk to before her phone warranty expires.

Afflicted with a mysterious skin condition on his back, Ross seeks advice from Phoebe’s herbalist Kevin McDonald. Meet the new season. Full Cast and Crew. We recorded a reading of our famous Textgiving special, but technology was not on our side. Celebrate the foundation of our crumbling empire s3e1 a Black Peter themed musical, some holiday Yahoo questions, and discussion of jaill southern prison. Music by the stank.


Also a reading of forum. Sign up and add shows to get frriends latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Big thanks to intern Megan.

Guest star Isabella Rossellini. Monica accidentally bumps baby Ben’s head into a post. Music by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I do know it is VERY spooky. Unedited per reviewer request. You must be s3w14 registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Join us as Bob faces down Melissa McCarthy’s wrath and we uncover the dark secrets of hat ownership.

Strap on a man! Chandler and Joey ponder a possible threesome with Chloe Angela Featherstonewhom they both are attracted to. Season 3 Episode In order to make sure Mark can’t go, Ross accompanies her instead but then quickly falls asleep which causes a fresh argument and leaves the relationship on very rocky ground. This week they reminisce about the Flesh or Plastic conflict, Dan reveals that his brother-in-law is playing Skyrim wrong, and they both celebrate the legalization of horse consumption.

Chandler meets Ginger and goes out with her. Bob and Dan are thankful for ham.

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