I have typed some of the weapons used in Far Cry 3. Oh, and he’s brought some buddies, too, in the form of the Unova Dragons pack! Multiple Combat Jeep 3 seats: Q – The Tomahawk is a sweps? The Daithi De Nogla Player model. This isn’t mine I just fixed it.

A dark version of peach’s castle of the original N64 Super Mario Raygun Mark II Swep. Shoot a meteor from the sky or from your tool gun. Toss one of these at your feet, and you’ll be flung across the map! Jam, Kill, and Brainwash. It’s merely for looks Created by Captain Cowboy.

An edit made for someone here’s the original: Has bodygroups, minor faceposing, red tinted screenshots and lots of barbed wire!

Just keep an jachete on fuel: A much-needed overhaul of my very first Pokemon release. This is a ragdoll, not a playermodel nor an NPC.

Point Blank Garena – Elsya*|L D |

Addon with the same objective created by me: Good for taking a few screenshots in it. Originally made by drwhut, edited by me for GMod from Minecraft A 3d model of myself. Raygun Mark II Swep. Helmets Level 1 — Motorcycle Helmet A sixties, mod-style motorcycle helmet.

Mario Party Props Pack. A radar weapon that detects npcs and other players, as well as some models.

The real life inspiration for all that PUBG equipment

Do you even realize that good assault rifle can fire a thousands of rounds before stoppages start? Look for the matte variant to reduce bonce glint in the sun. Oh, and he’s brought some buddies, too, in the form of the Unova Dragons pack!


Mind previously remade the harry potter wand with new features added to it, such as stuff for you darkrp server or as I like to call them admin abuse servers and a custom vgui for changing spells.

A request from Thumbsticks If you like what we do and want to support free, quality games writing, then please consider supporting us via Patreonbuying us a coffeeor subscribing to our newsletter. Right now Theres a slight issue with them Like my original raygun swep, this badass weapon is a port from black ops 2, so the model and animations are the SAME as Level 2 — Military Helmet This is a standard issue military helmet, the sort of thing you might have seen general infantry shoving cards and cigarette packets into the mesh mschete during the Vietnam and Korean wars.

This feature allows you to monitor other players or NPCs via a tablet. They have some faceposing and bodygroups to change the clothes.

A really big one for me heh Includes Jiggleboned dreds and tail. Lucario Playermodel Pokken Tournament. Traditional bow is also confirmed, but still not mentioned if it’s pre-order bonus only or not.


You can also se them dropping supply crates, and the wreckage of a number of crashed Cs can be machte around the map.

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Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address.

GMod Tower has now officially closed. But Where Is It? Working on MW 2. Keaton’s Delphox player model and NPC, finally complete! A lugia Player model for now it dose not have first person arms nor a shiny bodygroup. Modpack use is permitted. Left Frzg – Hit.

Windows 10 amd64 version The back pack and the eye bodygroup And dont forget the watch the vedio https: I’ll do Mega Absol sooner or later. Rucksacks Level 1 — Backpack This is a fairly standard rucksack.

About This addon allows you to stomp on enemies and kill them, just like in Mario!

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