Episode Ep 60 May 14, There was no winner, but whose song left a mark on Agnes’ Liza Soberano heart? Episode 84 Ep 3 Feb 20, Agnes Liza Soberano refuses to follow Xander’s Enrique Gil lead, which already caused the yellow team so much trouble. Episode 96 Ep 15 Mar 10, Episode Ep 46 Apr 24, Episode Ep 50 Apr 30, Xander Enrique Gil has missed so many chances and this time, he finally realizes that love cannot wait forever.

Love is full of surprises. Episode Ep 46 Apr 24, Can the two finally settle their issues for the sake of the team? Episode 87 3 years ago. Episode 83 4 years ago. Will this stressful event that Kate’s family has to go through bring back Kate’s depression?

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Episode 82 Ep 1 Feb 18, Episode 93 Ep 12 Mar 5, This is the story elisode Xander Teleseryf Gilthe rebellious and broken unica hijo of a hotel magnate; and Agnes Liza Soberanothe humble and hardworking daughter of a strawberry farmer in Benguet.

Episode 94 Ep 13 Mar 6, Agnes Liza Soberano finds the strength to speak to her mother, releasing all the pain and the questions that she has been wanting to ask her all these years.


LizQuen taping in Benguet for Forevermore”. Episode Ep 34 Apr 8, Episode Ep 60 May 14, Episode Ep 26 Mar 25, Episode 99 3 years ago. How can Superman transform this into an opportunity to win Lois Lane’s heart? Episode 95 Ep 14 Mar forevermlre, Episode Ep 22 Mar 19, Episode 89 3 years ago. Will Xander Enrique Gil find the courage to face the only girl that he has loved?

Episode 88 3 years ago. Episode 85 Ep 4 Feb 21, In the end, will Xander and Agnes still be able prove that true love can last forever?

Forevermore Pilot Episode

Episode Ep 23 Mar 20, Forevermore was a Philippine romantic drama television series directed by Cathy Garcia-Molinastarring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberanotogether with an ensemble cast. Episode 84 Ep 3 Feb 20, When will Agnes realize that it’s not always fpisode her?

Episode Ep 59 May 13, What will Agnes do to forget Xander? Episode 97 3 years ago.


Episode Ep 38 Apr 14, Episode Ep 39 Apr 15, After the incident, his parents make him pay for the damages and his recklessness by having him work in the strawberry farm without any comfortable amenities, under the guidance of Agnes and her strawberry farm tteleserye. Xander Enrique Gil has another mission- to add more sweet days with Agnes Liza Soberano until he wins her heart again.

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Episode 98 Ep 17 Mar 12, What happens now to Rorevermore project proposal? Seeing her mother again reminds Agnes Liza Soberano of the pain caused by being left behind.

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